Friday, 19 December 2008

Saturday, 22 November 2008

What a day!

It started out with snow (our first and what a supprise)
and then dh came to tell that somebody drove of the dyke. Slipped, would be a better choice of words as I don't think somebody intentionally would drive off the dyke. Especially when the car ended up coliding into one of the Zimbabwean statues of the neighbours, smashed it and... the driver was a lady!

We live near to a bend in the dyke and it is the 2nd car slipping since we live here (6 months). We took photo's and maybe you can see the sun had to make way for another snow "storm" coming. The lady making the accident phoned her boyfriend and he and his colleagues came to get the car. They work for a potatoe farming company 1km from us. We also poned to warn our neighbour as it seemed he wasn't aware of what was going on outside in his "garden". (The statue nearest to you is where our property begins, we took the photo out of our window on the first level)

Then dh had to leave and try and get some clothes for a birtday dinner tonight. He left and I tried with the girls to get their snow stuff. Things were still in boxes and they left with dd8 wearing MY rain boots and dd6 wearing my gloves and they both had hats that were one size to small...! The neighbour's 2 sons came to play and had some fun sliding down the dyke.

Then in they came telling there is a raven that couldn't fly. I was still in my pyjama's so got some pants and a jearsey and chucked dd out of my rainboots. Indeed, the raven came where they were playing?? And didn't fly away though looking verrry alert and healthy. I picked it up. Yes....he really did his best to treat me as carrion but I knew with that terrrible beak he couldn't reach below his cheeks lol and behind his ears so I came out without a scratch on my bare hands and that bird was cursing high and low. Terrible sound. Have you seen "the crow"? You know all those movies? Luckily the sun was shining lol... we live next to a grave yard and our town is called "warden of the death" (direct translation*) ok ok I have an enormous sense of drama and imagination.

I had to manage 4 excited kids (age 6-8), one baby that decided it was time to be heard (loudly), 1 little histerical dog barking at the top of her voice and the crow that was telling me unsensored what he was thinking about the situation while he was trying to get away as well.

Ok the kids ended up with their wet snow clothes calming the baby and the crow was bucketed and my tray was used as a lid. I phoned the animal rescue: one hand on the lid and one hand for the phone (didn't need my legs lol). I noticed that I had the animal rescue's number in my phone. We're here 6 months and already had the number regarding a lost cat and a dead one (run over infront of our house).

The bin was a bit small so I got a (clean) plastic rubbish bin (how appropriate) with a lid wich didn't fit well. I couldn't use my hands this time as the villain crow was ready for me and I couldn't supprise him from behind so I chucked the bucket and him into the bin.

While waiting for the animal rescue I made myself presentable, vacuumed, tidied the kitchen, put the dirty dishes into the dishwasher, breast fed the baby, organised the kids and checked on the crow (who cursed every time I did!)
Only a mother would do these things.....

The animal rescue arrived and came to the same conclusion as I did:
the bird wasn't hurt as far as one could see, only a crooked nail but no blood.
What a day! and it all happened before 12....

The girls had to go to Sinterklaas entering our town at 13:30 (and still looked like runnaways) and I had to run errands and then get all girls 3 and me! pressentable for tonight's dinner.

Friday, 21 November 2008

aaa cute

at last made this fellow:

acute from melly and me patterns ordered at crafty mamas

First I had to search for fabrics in my stash without too much pink as this tryout had to be for dd8 which loves blue and green and NO PINK. So after cutting the pattern I sew the hands and antennae. It was time to turn things inside out and man what a job. I was quite fed-up with the fiddling and as I don't really have Sewing Patience I chucked all the pattern pieces in the rubbish bin! But.....I couldn't let this situation turn into something acute so made a cuppa and enlarged the patter 107% on my printer! Now that was a bit more of a workable size lol. While working on Acute neighbours with children dropped in and other school kids came to play and acute's body parts ended up being made fun of but everybody liked his face. It took two days to actually get the courage and time (I'm nursing a 8 week old baby!) to sew him together. He turned out being 50cm tall measured without the antennae ;-) I don't think I'll try him again, the fingers and the antennae were too much for me lol....I should've given him webbed hands come to think of it.

I also tried out the yo-yo makers from Clover I got in the post: large heart and large flower which wasn't that large at all. I would've then like jumbo size lol:

I made them in baby blue fabric with white spots...should get agwai from the pink I guess. I don't know what it is with the pink and me. I was a blue girl as a child and then turned black for almost 20 years. I guess it is dd6 with her princess girly vibes extracting the little girl in me. I never played with dolls and I was always black and blue playing with the boys outside on the farm.

Monday, 27 October 2008

Pay it forward

  • So here are the rules ( I thought I'd join after entering myself at Peta's blog)
  • I will send the first three people to leave a comment on this post a handmade gift within the next 365 days.
  • I am willing to post anywhere in the world
  • The catch is that you have to have a blog and be willing to do the same thing....
  • So if you'd like to participate, then leave me a comment and make sure to leave me a valid email address so that I can contact you for your address, etc.
  • So if you're game then go ahead and comment!
  • So I'll send to the first three persons with a valid e-mailaddress leaving a comment and posting this "post it forward" on their blog too

Friday, 10 October 2008

drawstring bag

I needed a b-day gift for dd7's friend. As I've already given her with a previous birthday a personalised painting I had to think of somthing else. Something personalised (I like that) and not to intensive to make as I have a time pressure at the moment with a couple of orders and of course wee baby of 1 month.

I let dd draw an animal, paint it with textile paint and then I've made a drawstring bag from it 45cx45cm using orange fabric with white dots. I googled and find this perfect drawstring tutorial made by schetched soul, plain enough for me to follow.

Unfortunately I didn't have time to make it a bit more interesting with applications or reversable or with a quilted backing. This just'll have to do and next time I must start sooner!

Wednesday, 08 October 2008

Poppies, daisies and corn flowers

A dear internet friend of mine, ordered a bag from me. It is the second time she gives me a theme to paint on a textile bag. The first one was in autumn and this one in The Summer. She said I could take my time and has a lot of patience because it did take some time to get it to her!
she asked me to paint poppies, daisies and corn flowers in a meadow. I wasn't sure if I was able to do that. You see the result and here is the other side:

I've painted it with textile paint (washable) and lined it with gold, black and white on a cotton bag.
It was a joy to paint because I love the flowers she picked, too ;-)

Reversable handbag

I bought these handles at happytex and got a pattern for a handbag for free. I'm still a beginner sewer and had some difficulty understanding the (easy) pattern so improvised. I wrote the shop asking for a bit more detail on the instructions and got very good service. So The next bag I'll follow the added instructions. I'm anyway happy with the way it turned out. I'm thinking of added d-rings to clip my keys on and maybe a chain so it is possible to carry the bag over one's shoulder.

fabric: Ikea

handles:Clover CL-6341

Size: without handles: 62 x 28 cm

Tuesday, 30 September 2008

sewing hats

I'm terrified of knits,
they seem to have a life of their own
and sewing....well I would love to but need some guts to start
(why does my mom live 10 000kms from me....! Oh maybe because I emigrated)

At the crafty mama's site I'm almost daily confronted with beautiful fabrics and creations sewn by other crafty mama's. Yes, I'll come clear: I do have a fabric addiction.
so.... In the last weeks of my pregnancy there was this sale(always some sale their to have a look at!) at the crafty mama shop and I did a naughty thing and ordered me some knits!
White puppies on a light pink background
White puppies on a dark pink background
Cakes on a yellow background
and mjammie watermellons on a pink background

yes....we have 3 girls at home and I'm not afraid of pink!

The package reached me in a week time (!). Great service (as always) from the crafty mama shop in Australia.
My husband brought me the package in hospital where I was after a c-section. He thought somebody sent me a gift for the little girl...yeah me! hihihi rof lol
So there I was with a cute littlel girl and these delicious knits.

After a week when I got home I was stuck and needed baby hats. One eloped in hospital and the others were too big. Little Avon just had 1 to wear and she desperately needed hats to keep her body temperature up to date. Yes...sadly the summer here turned much too soon into Fall (people from warm countries may read Fall=mid winter)
So..... the alluring knits and so creative mother conquerer pain(c-section) and fears (sewing, knits) to save her baby:


I tried to make a reversable hat but it turned out a hat with a different front and back. I guess so soon after being pregnant my hormones is still deleting logic. I'll try again.


Here Avon is just 1 week old. Isn't she just a super cuty??

Well, the day after I came home the midwife (a veteran guy) came to check up on me and burst out in laugther.
He was supprised that a mother supposed to be in bed got up to sew a little pink hat. My reply: creativity gives energy and that is what a mom needs, isn't it? Of course!

Monday, 15 September 2008

Introducing Avon Florenza

And here she is the little adorable little girl.
She's very peacefull and has a marvelous head with hair. Will look for some photo's to prove ;-)
Born on 09-09-08

Monday, 08 September 2008


I just came in running to tell you about a giveaway at this fun-to- read-blog of one of the Crafty Mama's. So go here to her blog "may the cloth be with you" and try your luck too for this overcute-I-want-to-have- it! pincushion.

and..... it is my last day looking like this: as I'm phoning at lunch to hear if I have to check in this afternoon or tomorrow morning at the hospital
for the c-section
on 09-09-08. ...! Why am I typing here anyway??
I have to pack "that suitcase"!

Friday, 05 September 2008


I'haven't posted for quite some time now though I've been quite creative in August and gotten one year older. I've for one made two necklaces, the fist one I've crocheted with wooden beads and added silver leaves (measuring 96cm all around), making it look like a vineyard in fall. The other one was made in a more African theme with glass beads and measuring 52cm (possibility to lengthen or shorten a couple of cms). For more photo's of these pieces have a look at my flickr photo's
I've also been working on orders crocheting applications and painting panels for pillows, did a couple of swaps by making ATC's and dotee's.
No I have to ease up a bit with the creative juices and the reason is of course to be seen top right on my blog ;-)

Tuesday, 29 July 2008

My first ATC's

What is an ATC?
It is an Artist Trading Card and you can read all about it here. I've been trying to ignore their excistance but couldn't and decided to participate at swap-bot's First timers for ATCs *International*. One has to make 2 cards for 2 partners to swap, no theme as it is for first timers. I've used stamps from South Africa taken from letters my mom sents me.

Monday, 28 July 2008

I just love my kitchen

By now you've gathered we've moved and oh it was so worth it. I'll be showing some views in and around the house. The house was bombed in WWII and rebuild in the 1950's. It has 4 levels and the 2 lower levels were used for straberry storage. The area we live in is known for its cherry, pears, prunes and apple orchards and strawberry field. It is a house situated on a dyke and the property is between a church (1700's) an old school (occupied by a beautifull artist couple) and a "tree farmer"(can somebody give me the right term?) . The house overlooks a watery landscape, sort of overflow (haven to lot of birds) of one of The Netherlands' trade rivers. As the house was added to over the years it has a lot of character and special corners.

This is part of my Oilily/Douw Egberts crockery

The spot where I'm writing my blog

When I leave my kitchen...

Thursday, 24 July 2008

Sewing update

Last week it was raining cats and dogs outside, inside the cats teamed up with (or against) the dog.
The dog thought..." if you can't win them let them join or else get out of your own basket in shame". I think the the black and white bouncer with his expensive coat is using some version of sign language to tell that there is space for no one else... The little ratty catty is trying to stay unrecognisable regardless of the paparazzi catching them in a very intimate setting.

This week the weather looks better and I odly enough I need now to finish the kitchen curtains to keep the midday sun out otherwise it gets too hot.

I've used Dutch Folk print fabric and made it retro with red fabric with white dots.

I struggled with getting everything to align (it is my second try at making curtains in my life), so took a time out and made a silly but very friendly girl. She agreed to pose at a little niche in my kitchen:

I was actually cutting a couple of dotee's and then thought if I add legs and arms it would be a dolly dotee ;-) I've made the limbs so long as little kids just love clutchable softies....only catch is....I'm keeping her! Though I made her very child friendly

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

What to do with Fat Quaters

I've looked up some tutorials in blogging country:

Using your scraps:

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

sewing flowers

I'm looking for tutorials on sewing flowers for the girls' rooms, I've already found this really nice one:
Sew Blessed: fabric flower tutorial
PortabelloPixie: Rolled roses
Artsy craftsy babe: Fluffy Flower
Blair peter: fabric flower
Pixie blossoms: fabric flower
Spilly Jane: making round petals
Molly Chicken: fabric flower & Raggy flowers
Sew Blessed: fabric flower
Trufflegirls: fabric flower
Chris's creation: fabric flower
sophie stansfield designs: felt flower
I love to create: fabric rose
wiki how: silk,satin,ribbon rose here on a video clip
Kalamity Kim: fabric roses

Do you have other links or your own tutorial on making a fabric flower? Please add.

and then at crafty pod's a bouqet of links to make flowers from fabric, paper, beads & crocheted: let's make flowers

Thursday, 17 July 2008

"We've moved"

I took a pic of our new house

and then drawn in my own style it over, including the birds lol.
Then I've coloured it digitally and let it be printed. I was impressed with the result and addressed all the cards today, sticked a stamp on it and posted it to family and friends with our new address information on it. I wish you can see the cards!

I've previously got a "we've moved" card from a friend with a photo of their house. To congratulate them with their new house I got the idea to draw their house in my typical style and send them a card. They' loved it ;-)
By the way as a gift I crocheted 2 crazy cloths in my friend's favourite colour.

I can make one of your photo too! For 15Euro's I'll send you a digital image you can print yourself or take to a photo or card shop to print it. Let me know ;-)
(paypal accepted)
** 20% DISCOUNT FOR MEMBERS OF CRAFTYMAMAS - which is a free membership!(must have more than 30 posts at forum) **

Gift idea?

DD7yrs went to a party of twins. As usual I'd like to make something and it must be personal but what if you don't have time or energy?

Well, I took 2 simple cottons bags from my stash and added some dotted fabric, Japanese fabric, cute buttons (hello kitty buttons bought at CraftyMamas shop!), ribbons and emboided their names on the bags. I've added a schetchbook in each bag for something extra. The photo's did come out a bit dull. Here is the one bag's pics:


Wednesday, 16 July 2008


via swap-bot i got infected by the Dotee craze and do not want to be cured:

The guidelines for a dotee is more or less it should be around 3 inches, have a "tail", have a (felt,embroided/drawn) face and have a hanging loop. The body can be any form as this is an art doll an you can just go ballistic with embelishments! Read more about the origin of Dotee's and how to make one.

This was for the "any color theme"

This was for the "dotted dotee theme"

This was the pink/orange Dotee

This was the pink Dotee

This was the flower power Dotee

Girls' stuff

ok I've made my 7 today....
(this was 28/6)
This is how I've done it:

At craftymama's this very usefull link (see the tutorial for creating these tutu's)brought me to it:

Per tutu I used:
2m of tule (width 140cm)
Length of tutu 50cm
I used the cheap rough "tule" as they're going to play outside
(If I want to use 3m I'll think it would be best if I make it longer than 50cm)
That worked out at 28knots per tutu
used the thin elastic (I had) and just measured the waist of my girls

the colors as requested by b-day girl dd5yrs, I've used as follow:
2x lilac and pink
1x purple and pink
1x lilac and purple
1x sammon and pink
1x sammon and orange
and te b-day girls got:
3m in total of orange,lilac and pink

I've had enough pink if I get sick now I would throw up in pink I think

I've cut the ends of the strips for my little curl a bit round to create the look of flower petals.

Thursday, 19 June 2008

Isn't it lovely

On the 17th my husband and I was married for 9 years.

We didn't plan anything as next year is the first decade celebration and we're in the middle of renovating here.

I decided to make him a very nice dinner as his love is definitely influenced by what goes in his stomach

I made his favourites

  • fresh spinach cooked and dressed with gorgonzola and sliced boiled eggs

  • endive (boiled) dressed in a jacket of ham and then topped with a white cheese/ham sauce, crumbs and old cheese and in the oven

  • oxtail stew with brown button mushrooms

  • mixed chopped baby lettuces (don't know their English names but more than just butter and ice) with balsamic/garlic vinaigrette and chopped baby radish

He didn't expect it an dived into the dinner and luckily I didn't make any starter and only bought a Ola Viennetta ice for dessert.

Husband came home with this beautiful large bouquet with lilies(5 different ones), which are my favourite and was in my wedding bouquet and and 2 poppy seed things (I adore poppies). The special thing was also the agapanthus which is called here in The Netherlands South African Lily ooooooooooh I had to cry! A pity the photo isn't that good.

Oh and I'll show you my WIP crochet blanket I'm making for baby nr.3. I've decided to add 10 more blocks, 5 on each sides before bordering it and adding picots

Monday, 16 June 2008

Baby boy born!

I was flattered when asked to design a announcement card for a baby born by a couple who also asked me to design them a wedding card. I'll post the card some other time.

As a gift a painted the card (to be framed) with textile paint on cotton and embroided to give it a 3d look instead of using my usual liners.

Earth toned Granny Squares

Man! I've finished it, 18 10' granny squares , that is 25,5cm squares.
Here they all are as prove

They're packaged and ready to be sent to the US

Wednesday, 04 June 2008

FunFillies on the market

her other side:

* This is a filly made from felt, buttons and thread
* She has two different sides so you have 2 for the price of one!
* You can use her on a door knob or hang her anywhere you'd like!
* In your own room, kid's room or give her away (if you can)
as a gift

* size (measured without hanging loop and tail:
15.5 x 14 cm (6"x5,5")

* I've designed and made her myself with my own fun style

* This FunFilly is also available in
delicious red/white
earth sand/white
sunny yellow/white
fresh green/white
for more photo's of the other ponies please see my Flickr or my Etsy

Price per filly:
Euro's: 11.50 (excl.shipping) through paypal/paying into my bank account
indication in AUSD:17,50 (excl.shipping)paypal
indication in USD:15.85(excl.shipping) paypal

Shipping indication for one filly: Euro 2.76
USD: 3.80

* please mail me with questions or exact shipping prices when you'd like to buy more than one filly or combine it with another item in my shop

Saturday, 31 May 2008

"Button your card" Tutorial

As I was making ready to assemble a package for my mom and baby dotee swap I found I didn't have a cute card to add. My crate with card making stuff was still at our previous home. I went to the one store we have in town and found nothing cute and creative enough with which I could associate lol. I did buy a little card as I had to have one and thought I'd just have to think of something to cuten it up!

When I came home I got a great idea: I turned to my addiction for comfort:
buttons and crocheting yarn
Surely you can think of this too but making this into a tute is fun, colourfull and may bring you a nice idea:

Skill level: absolutely eesy

Get your (or mother's)

  1. embroider's thread/yarn (I used crochet cotton)
  2. needle (large eye)
  3. buttons
  4. and a card (pick a size, I used a very small card)

  • The card may be a boring, bought one or
  • make your own one and draw something very simple on it. If you're afraid to draw something simple, ask your child to help you!
  • I've chosen as many buttons as there were flowers, of course you can have more or less, just what tickles your fancy.
  • Then I've ordered the buttons to see what would look best as it is very easy to create a beautifull 3D effect, not only because you're using buttons but because some are flat, thick, large or has an eyelet at the back which make it stand out more.

    start sewing girl!

(I started by tying a knot and make the first stitch from the back to the front.

I also ended by tying a knot)

You can cover the thread on the inside by glueing a piece of cute fabric or paper on to it, but I just left it like that.

You may get more ideas to brighten up the picture like I could've added a real satin ribbon or by embroiding the stems too. If you keep it simple it is quickly done and still shows your effort and creativity ;-)

Now you have another excuse to go and buy more buttons!

Mommy and baby Dotee swap

I've joined this swap as I'm so pregnant and I love the dotees:
"In honor of Mother's Day, in the month of May, let's do a Mommy and Baby dotee doll swap! You will send your partner one regular sized dotee doll and one mini baby dotee. Dolls don't have to match, and use your creativity! "
I had fun making mine, and I'll show them as soon as my partner received hers. I surely can tell that the partner sending to me had fun too!
On a grey and rainy day my day started colourfull when the first poppy opened!! I've been trying at our previous house to grow them as I just LOVE their exhuberant explosion of colour and flower. My effort didn't pay off as a combination of: drought, husband thinking they're weeds, going away on holiday, etc.
Now as we move to a new house I was wonderfully supprised to see the previous owner shared my love. I couldn't wait for these large buds to open.
Okay I'm trailing off here.
Back to the grey rainy day and after this red poppy supprise mr.Postman dropped a package for me from Germany. Guess what was on one of the stamps.....a poppy. Oooooh look at the contents of the package:

Included was not a mother and one baby but 2 babies!
and they have names:
mom Alice and the babies are Cindy and Amy ;-) ain't that cute! She sent me a piece of flowered fabric too, making the spoiling complete. It was her 2nd dotee swap. Thanx countrys!

This was my try: