Thursday, 25 June 2009

No calories garanteed

I'm going to be on a market this coming 2nd in my life. So..of course I started too late and as I'm thriving on deadlines my creativity sky rockets. Pity there's still only 24hrs in a day lol.
I've been painting on 3 table cloths. This one is 175x142cm and a whole bundle of fun. I was thinking wat to paint on it that I can do free hand (saves time). The challenge for June at Crafty Mamas gave me an idea with the theme: Calorie Free sweet treats. Mjammie!

The treats are painted with textile paint onto the table cloth and then heat set in the tumble dryer and just to make sure: ironed on the back (have to iron the cloth anyway). The treats are large: 40x40cm and not shown on the photo is the golden liner I used and they have glitter sprinkles!

I took a quick photo on the coffee table where it was drying (yes wet paint all over the house on tables and chairs). A photo on our picknick table in the garden would've been more picture perfect but you get the idea.

ps. while we were eating my 6yr old was telling the story she was reading and said: "...he murdered the room and they called in the police..." I said:"what??"
Lol she meant he wrecked the room (naughty boy)