Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Opening my gifts

Before Christmas because I CAN'T WAIT!
This utterly cute and original Christmas dress is from Shin (here's her blog), isn't this cute? This is how my day started.

Then the doorbell rang and I got a package from The Green Swap. This went fast, I didn't expect it already, especially with the Christmas craziness in Post land. This is my prize I've shopped for on ETsy. I wanted now for a long time to buy pure wool to crochet a bag and then felt it.(trying something like this) The colours are beautiful! Thank you Farhanna. Included was beautiful stich markers, from the same shop, i wanted to photograph but then my photo ran out of batteries.

this too came in the post: a felt Christmas ornament from Tannis in Canada. You can visit her here .

Monday, 17 December 2007

So if it is cold

why don't we have snow! I want snow! I deserve snow!
Of course I want it...for the kids ;-)
I did get a neat little package from San Fransisco today;I wasn't at home and the postman was so kind as to leave me a note saying he left it in our outside storage (what's it called).So when I came home I ran back into the cold and found this cute little box and after making myself a hot cup of espresso I opened it.Oh how thank you Arran for felting a Christmas ornament for me ;-)
When I got home later in the day after Picking up the girls from school I found the most amazing tree trunk in my post ;-)Oh how original, the 2 little leaves, the print on the felt...it is so trunky Thank you very much Emily!

Saturday, 15 December 2007

Belle and Boo

oooooh I just have to share this with you:

I've read about Belle and Boo on the blog Domestic Bliss,While searching for a swap. I had a visit at Belle and boo on Etsy and then completely fell in love with the fragile beauties this artist makes. You can read more about her on her blog.

When typing this post I discovered the origin of the name Belle and Boo:

"I guess I should start by introducing the namesakes of my blog, Belle and her little bunny Boo. Belle is loosely based on a much younger me and my all time favourite children's book character millymollymandy, who I think.." Read more here

After a couple of weeks I return and bought one for myself (called Release), and one for Chanah(Chance Encounter) and of course one for Danae (Flowers for mommy) with money I made from my paintings ;-)

How's that for an art circle ;-)

So please do yourself a favour and go and visit Belle and Boo's shop and I can recommend buying because the service is excellent.

Friday, 14 December 2007

Christmas time

What a nice supprise, I got a box today in the post and when I opened it this card was laying on top. And in a soft nest of paper strips I've found this amazing hand made paper ornament from Jessica,Texas:

Thursday, 13 December 2007


These two paintings were ordered by a Crafty Mama, from Australia,for her girls:
  • Acryl paint on Canvas
  • fixed with varnish
  • finishing touch: glitter and silver&gold liners
  • 24x30cm

I really appreciate orders that don't really pin me down to having no freedom of how I'm painting. This was such a lovely order: "for girls, not too pink, and a choice from 5/6 animals" I had the fun I needed ;-) thanx for this order and I hope it brings a lot of giggles!

ps. photo's distorts a bit and I don't know why

Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Christmas Swaps

I've joined the Holiday Ornament swap 2007. I've made 9 ornaments and sent them and then I'll receive in return from 9 different people. My first received one was from Knitalatte from Canada. She wrapped this cutey in the most beautiful wrapping. Here you can see more ornaments on the Flickr site.

Then I've also joined the Crafty Mama secret Christmas swap. I've been abundantly spoiled by my secret swap mama:
In the photo above you can see some of the 12 felt Christmas trees she made me and 9 of the 10 candy ornaments. Unfortunately for the candy#10, who snapped in the post, I had to eat him lol. Below you can see an apron(I'm definitely and apron girl), pan holder, beautiful knitted arm bracelet/band, a beautiful Christmas sock (the little bear has stitched details), 3 Christmas fabrics and 1 fold out Christmas Card. The care taken to make these things and to put my package together is so valued. Thank you Secret Crafty Mama!

Now for the other 8 ornaments woo-hoo!

Tuesday, 11 December 2007

The Green swap:Woo-hoo!

I've joined the green swap and these were the

"Details of swap: Send your swap partner a beautiful tote so she can throw away all her plastic bags! You can either make the tote, or buy one (so even those that can't sew are encouraged to join) and add some 'life' to it!
Minimum of one tote to be sent.
You are more than welcome to send extra goodies. (They are always appreciated)
The 'best' tote (voted by the participants and viewers) will receive a little gift.
Please use the 'green swap' button at the top on your blog/site (if you have one) so others can join in

Before sending out the bag it was possible to enter the bag in a competition.
I've sent my swap partner a bag I've sewn with a bag pattern from morsbags. Really really good tutorial for beginner sewers like me. (Morsbags by the way also promote cottons bags and not using plastics as it is terrible for the environment) I've painted the bag and the zebra with textile paint and used the dots I wanted too. I think I'm in a zebra craziness ;-)

Today I got a mail congratulating me that I'm the winner!
In my absolute stupidity I added the green swap link to my favourites but didn't refresh it when I visited so I never saw the part you can vote for a winner! Aaaaah I love voting and Never would've seen who won. I assumed all is done by mailing or will be added later on....

Well so now it says on Farhanna's blog:

"Congratulations! You did an amazing job!And of course, every winner needs a prize. You get to enjoy a $20 web shopping spree. There is a few limits though, it must be a handmade item (or items) or/and any 'green' item(s)."

wow, wow and I have to throw in a 3rd wow!
Thank you Farhanna, and all the voters and all the ladies making their lovely bags in the swap.
Go green and don't use plastic bags but support crafts by buying yourself unique and green bags ;-)

Monday, 10 December 2007

If you can't keep up...

...then don't run with the wild ponies!
I've made 2 fillies for a Christmas order from a crafty mama(see her blog here as she makes awesome bears and jewelry)
The 2 ponies have each 2 different sides. I've had some fun with ribbon, buttons, press-ons,felt,fake fur and safety eyes. The ponies are blanket stitched around and then I've crocheted mane and given them awesome 2 coloured tails ;-) To see the other sides please visit my Flickr Album
I can show you the ponies because I just had a private message that they've arrived safely and in time for Christmas, woo-hoo! The four sides have all a press on felt flower so you can play with the ponies' flowered butts changing them as you wish.