Tuesday, 30 September 2008

sewing hats

I'm terrified of knits,
they seem to have a life of their own
and sewing....well I would love to but need some guts to start
(why does my mom live 10 000kms from me....! Oh maybe because I emigrated)

At the crafty mama's site I'm almost daily confronted with beautiful fabrics and creations sewn by other crafty mama's. Yes, I'll come clear: I do have a fabric addiction.
so.... In the last weeks of my pregnancy there was this sale(always some sale their to have a look at!) at the crafty mama shop and I did a naughty thing and ordered me some knits!
White puppies on a light pink background
White puppies on a dark pink background
Cakes on a yellow background
and mjammie watermellons on a pink background

yes....we have 3 girls at home and I'm not afraid of pink!

The package reached me in a week time (!). Great service (as always) from the crafty mama shop in Australia.
My husband brought me the package in hospital where I was after a c-section. He thought somebody sent me a gift for the little girl...yeah me! hihihi rof lol
So there I was with a cute littlel girl and these delicious knits.

After a week when I got home I was stuck and needed baby hats. One eloped in hospital and the others were too big. Little Avon just had 1 to wear and she desperately needed hats to keep her body temperature up to date. Yes...sadly the summer here turned much too soon into Fall (people from warm countries may read Fall=mid winter)
So..... the alluring knits and so creative mother conquerer pain(c-section) and fears (sewing, knits) to save her baby:


I tried to make a reversable hat but it turned out a hat with a different front and back. I guess so soon after being pregnant my hormones is still deleting logic. I'll try again.


Here Avon is just 1 week old. Isn't she just a super cuty??

Well, the day after I came home the midwife (a veteran guy) came to check up on me and burst out in laugther.
He was supprised that a mother supposed to be in bed got up to sew a little pink hat. My reply: creativity gives energy and that is what a mom needs, isn't it? Of course!

Monday, 15 September 2008

Introducing Avon Florenza

And here she is the little princess...an adorable little girl.
She's very peacefull and has a marvelous head with hair. Will look for some photo's to prove ;-)
Born on 09-09-08

Monday, 08 September 2008


I just came in running to tell you about a giveaway at this fun-to- read-blog of one of the Crafty Mama's. So go here to her blog "may the cloth be with you" and try your luck too for this overcute-I-want-to-have- it! pincushion.

and..... it is my last day looking like this: as I'm phoning at lunch to hear if I have to check in this afternoon or tomorrow morning at the hospital
for the c-section
on 09-09-08. ...! Why am I typing here anyway??
I have to pack "that suitcase"!

Friday, 05 September 2008


I'haven't posted for quite some time now though I've been quite creative in August and gotten one year older. I've for one made two necklaces, the fist one I've crocheted with wooden beads and added silver leaves (measuring 96cm all around), making it look like a vineyard in fall. The other one was made in a more African theme with glass beads and measuring 52cm (possibility to lengthen or shorten a couple of cms). For more photo's of these pieces have a look at my flickr photo's
I've also been working on orders crocheting applications and painting panels for pillows, did a couple of swaps by making ATC's and dotee's.
No I have to ease up a bit with the creative juices and the reason is of course to be seen top right on my blog ;-)