Thursday, 22 January 2009


..the crow we saved was a raven ;-)

and I phoned up a couple of weeks after the incident to hear how it was doing.
I asked about the crow and the lady said they would've been lucky to see a crow again, this is a raven.
I was right it was a "tame" one. This is why he didn't fly away.
They think he was propably hungry and that is why he went to the kids playing outside.
no.....not to eat them...
Unfortunately they put him to sleep just the day before I phoned.
It seemed he had a broken foot and that was why the toes grew crooked.
It was broken a long time ago and healed badly and they couldn't fix it.
The bird sanctuary were afraid that he may get entagled when they free him because of the way the nails grew and he may die a horrible death. So he had to walk the green mile.
this is a crow
this is a raven

Here is a very helpfull site on what the difference is between a crow and a raven as it can be quite confusing. The site even shows the difference between the calls:
The Raven's Aviary
this is where I sleep.
I need curtains.
Luckily it is on the upper level ;-)
all who peeks in are the family of Jackdaws living in the willow outside our bedroom
and they won't tell on me ;-)