Friday, 07 September 2012

Avon, my youngest daughter, turns 4 on Sunday.

When I was sewing a backpack for a little friend of hers a while ago she wanted one too. She especially wanted the fabric with blue and white dots. When she saw scraps two very sweet Crafty Mamas (Papillon and Missmagic) sent me, Avon picked the Owl fabric.

Unfortuantely I can't remember which CM sent me the owls, sorrry :( I've asked for scraps for projects just like this one so I can use up my stash (the black and white dots) and the cute fabrics. Thank you both of you nice women for taking the time and effort to send me a bag with your fabrics. ♥♥♥

So...I sat down today, acutally wanted to do it on sewing Wednesday :) but okay I'm on Africa timing it seems. I used a Starry, starry night background for the cute owls.

Again my scraps of zpagetti came in very handy for the draw strings and farbenmix ribbo I still have to use. I'm almost at a point where I'm allowed to buy new ones ;)

It is not visible but I've stitched a fancy stitch looking like twigs in green all over the top of the bag on the black just to over do it hie-hie.

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

                 Our Ouessant ewe gave birth this morning 
to a wee little lamb. 
As Ouessant are mini sheep the lamb is minute lol
I still have to check closely but it seems to be a little ewe!
It is her first lamb and she is a fine mother, I can tell. Her voice is changed now, normally she will bleat like a new born baby but now wen she wants to assure her lamb she sounds like Marge Simpson!

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Pirate Drawstring bag

I got this nice order from a friend to make her little boy a drawstring bag and that he likes pirates.  I surfed the internet for for some patterns and made him a drawstring backpack and used pirate scraps I got from a Crafty Mama.

Textile Painted Face

On a lazy Sunday afternoon I got my textile paint out again and painted two faces. The one I've sewn on a white jacket I got from a friend for my teen daughter. I guess if you click on the photo's you can study the details ;)

 I've added a bit of fancy stitching

Monday, 16 April 2012

Made my own first embroidery

(small photo eeek!) I drew the head of a deer then looked for and embroid the lines with a back stitch. After looking for ways to make some roses (which I embroid in 3 colours) I've found the deer had to be filled so just filled it with what I think is a satin stitch.
I wanted to use the Tolkien quote for a while now so thought it would fit the embroidery. Below I've embroid the translation of the quote in my Mother tongue : South African. By the way is the past tense of embroid: embroid?


It took me a while to finish this, not because it was difficult but because I didn't have enough chocolate zpagetti.  After searching for a while had some luck and then found it! Ok but then I was all out of my zpagetti mode so chucked it in the corner. It is finished now and I'm happy with the way it turned out.