Friday, 17 September 2010

My baby is TWO

My mom used to make me beautifull cakes for my birthday parties. Very creative and lovely and delicious. I dreamt of making cakes for my kids. Well hello reality. Here in the Netherlands it is a different story. A lot of "I don't eat thats" and a lot of effort for nothing. I ended up eating the cake with my kids. So I've decided to change tactics. All children love cupcakes so that was going to be my show stopper when Avon turned TWO. If you can't beat them..join them. So I went to this terrible shop called Bakfeest ("bakefeast"). If you go in there you just CAN'T LEAVE EMPTY HANDED. The result:
100% succes garanteed

Easy fit pants

I bought this pattern (Easy fit pants) from early last year and started to make two pants for my two girls. Well it all got stuck with my overlocker and the new ruffler foot I just COULDN'T FIGURE OUT (and still not!). So I chucked all in a little dark corner in my hobby closet. This Summer I checked if it still fitted the girls. Well both only fitted one so I finished them. The ruffles were made by hand. Sorry for the blurry photo, the background is in focus though lol. The pants is made with a Summer corduroy fabric and the ruffles are cherise with white dots (as are the rosettes on the peasant top)The pants still needs to be ironed

These pants I just finished with a cute bias band, I don't have a close-up of it but it looks like lace.

Bizzkids Summer 2006 skirt

I wanted to make this skirt since I bought the magazine in 2006. Yes, it took me 4 years to actually tackle it but now I can tick this one off my want-to-do list. A lot of blocks...and at a certain point I was asking myself why I can't just make a simple a-line skirt and get it over with. Not difficult to make though, one just need a bit of patience :) The fabric was propably stenso (if not then shout).

peasant top with peacocks

I really enjoyed making this peasant top!
Fabrics by stenso and pattern by
I've made this pattern before as you can remember

T-shirt dress

I've followed this tutorial at CraftyMamas before and made a green/blue combination then. I keep forgetting to leave less space under the arms but anyway it worked out fine.
The fabric is stenso (it normally is so I think this too). It is a beautiful fabric not very visible on this photo as it as little golden dots and makes it look rich with cuteness.

I made roses with the cut off fabric using this tutorial by Tea Rose Home.