Thursday, 14 January 2010

Chuck Norris out! - why I didn't marry Chuck

Well Mr. Norris, for all I care, can be chucked on a slow boat to China with Mr. J. van Damme, A.Schwarzenegger and Mr.B.Lee but I really had a laugh when Lisa at Crafty Mamas told us this morning to Google "find chuck norris"
and here is a video for those of us who didn't do it right the first time":

and because I didn't do it right the first time I stumbled on the 100facts of Chuck Norris which really made be holler. Like Leading hand sanitizers claim they can kill 99.9 percent of germs. Chuck Norris can kill 100 percent of whatever * he wants.

And because of Lisa's post I read mistyeiz's reply regarding Chuck. She goes a bit further with chuck. Read more about that on her blog Stitch by stitch. I seemed to have had lunch with my sister (which I'm sure I don't have) under my bed (yeah right, of all places I'll definitely will not pick this spot)because I can (no I can't! you haven't seen what I chuck under my bed and it is not mr.Norris)

and then it reminded me of a friend showing me the blender video. It tries the different things that the blender can handle by trying to answer the question: "will it blend?". Well you can guess it...: will chuck norris blend?

I must say I can tidy up must faster than chuck. What? Come to think of it he never tidies. Maybe he tries to clean up the bad guys but when he is finished he leaves a mess behind. My husband is better than Chuck. He cleans up after he made a mess.

That is why I did not marry Chuck.

Saturday, 09 January 2010

Knitting ruffles

Yes, on the 2nd of January I've bought myself knitting needles and a great brown/grey alpaca mix of yarn. Yes after 15 years I'm pikcing up the needles again.
I've received in the christmas holidays ruffled yarn from a friend and I was curious to see how one can knit that into something cool. Well I've found a great site for all my knitting questions:
How to knit ruffles

how to join yarn

Have a look at Wonder how to for more great knitting tips shown on video (as well as others)