Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Textile painted application

After months and months of not being really creative apart from a couple of scrap cards and mini albums I've gotten into gear again.
I've painted a couple of  images with textile paint for a mini fair I went to. One got sold, I guess it is a bit too much for the people that visited. Anyway I thought it is time to sew one of them on a T-shirt. The trend this Summer is still prints with animals and dark blue (the only color I have hope for this Summer as I look hideous in the other trend colours: grass green, apricot and yellow!).

If the T-shirt wears out I can just cut out the dog and sew it onto something else. Over the years I've been so impressed with the quality of the textile paint. I've been washing and even tumble dried (evil! Not supposed to!) some textile painted items and they survive beautifully.

The first time I saw the French Bull dog is when I came to the NL. I thought it was the most ugliest dog I've ever seen. My husband (boy friend at that time) wanted one.. Ughhh! People do change I tell you, now I'm the one that wants a French BD and my husband is the one rolling his eyes. LoL

Ps.If you haven't seen the face I've painted and ironed onto a jacket click here