Thursday, 19 June 2008

Isn't it lovely

On the 17th my husband and I was married for 9 years.

We didn't plan anything as next year is the first decade celebration and we're in the middle of renovating here.

I decided to make him a very nice dinner as his love is definitely influenced by what goes in his stomach

I made his favourites

  • fresh spinach cooked and dressed with gorgonzola and sliced boiled eggs

  • endive (boiled) dressed in a jacket of ham and then topped with a white cheese/ham sauce, crumbs and old cheese and in the oven

  • oxtail stew with brown button mushrooms

  • mixed chopped baby lettuces (don't know their English names but more than just butter and ice) with balsamic/garlic vinaigrette and chopped baby radish

He didn't expect it an dived into the dinner and luckily I didn't make any starter and only bought a Ola Viennetta ice for dessert.

Husband came home with this beautiful large bouquet with lilies(5 different ones), which are my favourite and was in my wedding bouquet and and 2 poppy seed things (I adore poppies). The special thing was also the agapanthus which is called here in The Netherlands South African Lily ooooooooooh I had to cry! A pity the photo isn't that good.

Oh and I'll show you my WIP crochet blanket I'm making for baby nr.3. I've decided to add 10 more blocks, 5 on each sides before bordering it and adding picots

Monday, 16 June 2008

Baby boy born!

I was flattered when asked to design a announcement card for a baby born by a couple who also asked me to design them a wedding card. I'll post the card some other time.

As a gift a painted the card (to be framed) with textile paint on cotton and embroided to give it a 3d look instead of using my usual liners.

Earth toned Granny Squares

Man! I've finished it, 18 10' granny squares , that is 25,5cm squares.
Here they all are as prove

They're packaged and ready to be sent to the US

Wednesday, 04 June 2008

FunFillies on the market

her other side:

* This is a filly made from felt, buttons and thread
* She has two different sides so you have 2 for the price of one!
* You can use her on a door knob or hang her anywhere you'd like!
* In your own room, kid's room or give her away (if you can)
as a gift

* size (measured without hanging loop and tail:
15.5 x 14 cm (6"x5,5")

* I've designed and made her myself with my own fun style

* This FunFilly is also available in
delicious red/white
earth sand/white
sunny yellow/white
fresh green/white
for more photo's of the other ponies please see my Flickr or my Etsy

Price per filly:
Euro's: 11.50 (excl.shipping) through paypal/paying into my bank account
indication in AUSD:17,50 (excl.shipping)paypal
indication in USD:15.85(excl.shipping) paypal

Shipping indication for one filly: Euro 2.76
USD: 3.80

* please mail me with questions or exact shipping prices when you'd like to buy more than one filly or combine it with another item in my shop