Saturday, 31 May 2008

"Button your card" Tutorial

As I was making ready to assemble a package for my mom and baby dotee swap I found I didn't have a cute card to add. My crate with card making stuff was still at our previous home. I went to the one store we have in town and found nothing cute and creative enough with which I could associate lol. I did buy a little card as I had to have one and thought I'd just have to think of something to cuten it up!

When I came home I got a great idea: I turned to my addiction for comfort:
buttons and crocheting yarn
Surely you can think of this too but making this into a tute is fun, colourfull and may bring you a nice idea:

Skill level: absolutely eesy

Get your (or mother's)

  1. embroider's thread/yarn (I used crochet cotton)
  2. needle (large eye)
  3. buttons
  4. and a card (pick a size, I used a very small card)

  • The card may be a boring, bought one or
  • make your own one and draw something very simple on it. If you're afraid to draw something simple, ask your child to help you!
  • I've chosen as many buttons as there were flowers, of course you can have more or less, just what tickles your fancy.
  • Then I've ordered the buttons to see what would look best as it is very easy to create a beautifull 3D effect, not only because you're using buttons but because some are flat, thick, large or has an eyelet at the back which make it stand out more.

    start sewing girl!

(I started by tying a knot and make the first stitch from the back to the front.

I also ended by tying a knot)

You can cover the thread on the inside by glueing a piece of cute fabric or paper on to it, but I just left it like that.

You may get more ideas to brighten up the picture like I could've added a real satin ribbon or by embroiding the stems too. If you keep it simple it is quickly done and still shows your effort and creativity ;-)

Now you have another excuse to go and buy more buttons!

Mommy and baby Dotee swap

I've joined this swap as I'm so pregnant and I love the dotees:
"In honor of Mother's Day, in the month of May, let's do a Mommy and Baby dotee doll swap! You will send your partner one regular sized dotee doll and one mini baby dotee. Dolls don't have to match, and use your creativity! "
I had fun making mine, and I'll show them as soon as my partner received hers. I surely can tell that the partner sending to me had fun too!
On a grey and rainy day my day started colourfull when the first poppy opened!! I've been trying at our previous house to grow them as I just LOVE their exhuberant explosion of colour and flower. My effort didn't pay off as a combination of: drought, husband thinking they're weeds, going away on holiday, etc.
Now as we move to a new house I was wonderfully supprised to see the previous owner shared my love. I couldn't wait for these large buds to open.
Okay I'm trailing off here.
Back to the grey rainy day and after this red poppy supprise mr.Postman dropped a package for me from Germany. Guess what was on one of the stamps.....a poppy. Oooooh look at the contents of the package:

Included was not a mother and one baby but 2 babies!
and they have names:
mom Alice and the babies are Cindy and Amy ;-) ain't that cute! She sent me a piece of flowered fabric too, making the spoiling complete. It was her 2nd dotee swap. Thanx countrys!

This was my try:

Mokume Gane

After a loooong time (I've had a jewelry abstinence it seemed) I wanted to make something to wear for a b-day party of an aunt. Decided to make something bold. I've made the beads with clay at a workshop two years ago and they actually could be varnished which I didn't do.It is made with the Mokume gane technique (marble effect with gold, my photo is not that good) and you can read more here and here you can see a movie tute of the lady where I had the workshop.
The pendant is 5cm and the beads are 2.5cm

I then came to the conclusion I wasn't going to wear blue but hot pink.... well I decided (as it was one hour before party and not dressed yet....)to wear this onebut made a "key chain" to click on, and click off as I fancy

I clicked it onto the large (reaching to my belly button) necklace I made for christmas(
see blog). The "black beads" actually have a reddish glow and the beads are red and cherise coloured.
Perfect and in time!

Vintage/recycle Competition at CraftyMamas

I'm adding my penny of vintage stuff just to encourage beginner people like me to keep trying

Here I've tried the pillow case dress (tute here)made with a pillow from the vintage swap with CraftyMamas. The pillow case came all the way from Australia and didn't end up in the op shop too soon as it has definitely proof of a lot of use and sunny kisses. Somebody loved it and hang on to it untill the end ;-)

In hind sight:
* I should've kept the girls nearby when making it. Because afterwards I've made it too big(elastic) as I couldn't find them while sewing
* I've used to thick a fabric for making (my first) bias tape and too short so I had to add satin ribbon
* I've cut the arm holes to big

The dress will fit next year.... I'll definitely try again and learn from my mistakes .I've just used some coloured stiches to embelish as it it was time for dinner. The photo did come out over lighted, sorry for that

and then I crocheted a dressfrom this Vintage pattern:

Little Bo Peep - American Thread Company in Dolls and Dolls, Star Book 84, in 1951.

I've made her and under skirt (blue with white dots) as dd5yrs said that the dress was a bit improper with the holes in it....

I've used a trimming(purple pompoms) I got from one of my swap partners (can't remember which swap)

I've also added a (plastic fake jewel) button to give it a bit more of an evening gown look,

I guess miss bo beep met her prince

ps. I decided to make the dress because of dd5years:At a carboot sale she almost made a scene as she wanted a 2nd hand cinderella. For 2nd hand the lady asked too much. I guess she gambled that mom would give in because of the little girl. Mom didn't. I got the impression it was more the dress than the doll. So when I crocheted this one and added the jewel I knew I had it right Wanted to give the vintage crochet dress a bit of a spunk but use the yarn I had and thought the blue/purple would do it.

Saturday, 17 May 2008

Mother's day

(photo of our back door on balcony)

I had a absolutely lovely Mother's day; gorgeous weather and spoiled rotten by dh and dd's.

We've been looking anxious for any signs of the cat we're looking after, to see when she will have her baby's. On this particular Sunday Morning, Mies (the expectanc mom) was looking green. So we were quite curious if she had picked Mother's day to do a difficult job: having her first litter of kittens. I've been roaming the house with her the past weeks to find a suitable spot: little bit dark, little bit cozy and peacefull. Well, Mies decided in the end to stay the whole day in the dog's basket.... and the dog of course had no voting rights in this!

While we were enjoying the sun outside with iced thea and (I was crocheting granny squares while husband was playing with the girls), Mies was counting the hours. We went to the neighbours to meet them "officially". As she invited us "unexpectedly" I wondered what to take with so I'll not arrived with empty hands. I thought to give her the blue potholders... she was an old lady and their house didn't make a modern impression. Potholders here is a touchy issue... Well she loved it! And by chance: her kithchen is blue so it fitted perfectly and she love the rings to hang it from. Very very interesting well known artistic old couple who made their galerie in an old school. Because of their beautiful wild garden, we enjoy the singing of birds, the view of pheasants and being a save haven for hedgehogs and other small wild creatures. I got a signed biography "Tussen oog en hand" of the lady: Emmy Eerdmans. I love her drawings of the black ladies the most. We quite enjoyed the work of her husband too; Ben Joosten a graphic artist He prints on these old printing tables, I love them. Beautiful. And he has a lot of humour in his artwork: printing images with the alphabeth. He has lots of cabinets with little drawers and then all these different types of font letters. The sites I've found on them is really not a good impression. In real life it is quite extraordinary. They're a very very friendly and humble couple.

When we arrived back and I checked on the cat. She was still in the dog's basket. When later on I went inside to get some more drinks I thought I saw a contraction! So I stayed, husband came later to check where his drink was lol. I stayed with her and counted the contractions and slowely but surely they were closer together and she was purring all the time... At last they got heavy 9 directly after each other and she gave a sigh after the 9th one. Then I saw the little head and called husband and girls who were playing outside. They had to run up the dyke to get in the house and the youngest was firs; just in time to see the firs kitten born! A black and white male. When the dh and dd7 arrived they saw the second one being born. A female white with cyprus spots. That was it. I thought there must be at least one more but mom ended the job there. As we looked after her I didn't know her that well, she is a petit black and white cat and very friendly but i'm only allowed to touch her head and her shoulders. AFter her ordeal and my welcome assistance I can now even turn her on her back and pet her tummy! I guess I've entered her circle of trust.

Here the two kittens are one day old.

Arent' they cute!

Friday, 09 May 2008

Confession session name is Monique and I'm addicted to crazy cloths
personally I think they're therapeutic ;-)

Monday, 05 May 2008

The April challenge was...

"April's Challenge, mamas, is to MAKE SOMETHING FOR YOURSELF!!! ( for a change...we deserve it!)We spend so much of our craft time making items for our family...this time it's ALL ABOUT MAMA!!"
This is what I write 24/4

"I've actually sewn myself a bag. Yes will all the painting and stuff I'm doing I've never made myself a bag except for the felted one I've tried and decided to keep.Well this time it was another bag made with the sew baby pattern bought in the shop, easy and neat for a beginner like me (hint hint to all other beginners out there) I've made it once before now I've made it in pink unfortunately just as I wanted to take the pics then of course the batteries I owe you a pic but in the mean time I'm enjoying my bag"

At last I have the pictures:
The bag is huge, you can throw in the dog as well on the first photo the pockets are inside, in the 2nd outside

Saturday, 03 May 2008

French knot and dolees

(made this dotee with dd of 5 years)

Got up this morning and my 2 free days are over ;-) well it is not that bad, the girls returned from two days of being spoiled at grandma's.
I wanted to finish the dino yesterday but got a friendly hint to finish the last two seat covers I've been putting off. Husband thought that wife is inventing new projects to avoid tackling the covers. Husband was dead right. mmmm ok so I made 4 out out of the 6 covers and ran out of fabric. The thing was I'm a beginner sewer and made the pattern from an excisting cover. I want to give my new kitchen a retro Dutch look. I started the other 2 covers at a time when you know you shouldn't attempt anything.... I did assure dh that I was going to finish it yesterday so had to. Oh I started and it went all wrong, cut 3 pieces to small had to puzzle out everything again and was mad at myself for not doing it earlier, had hard stomaches the whole time (pregnant belly)etc. etc. In the end it worked out fine and I was glad for not budging out again.

Ok, back to this morning;
The girls were back and I was thinking of something to do with them so decided to practise making a dotee for the swap I've entered. So I showed them Dot's tutorial and they loved it, choosing the fabrics they both like. I've drawn the lines for them to cut out of the fabrics and the felt for the faces. We had lunch with dh and granddad and dd5 wanted to tell the men about our projects. As she is Dutch she confused the two English words and said we were making dollees, which of course is also what they are! The two men couldn't figure out what we were doing by looking at the fabric and circles so we didn't bother to explain, we'll just show it when it was finished.
Then we started sewing the faces. Dd5 thought that the nose of DD7's dotee looked like a pig (!) and wanted just one stripe for a nose. She also wanted open eyes (how to do that? I can't really sew). I remembered my mom made French knots at one time when I was still at school so thanx to internet was able to look it up. She sewed the eye sockets and I tried the french knot. One look at DD5's face and I pulled it all out again. She said:"mom you should use beads". Luckily found some very small black beads and dd was happy again. Well the three of us are now taking a break. I'm blogging and they're running around outside.
I was curious about the French know so found a different tute, and would you believe it, it worked! DD7 came in and said:"Oh you did manage this time! I like it now."
French knot tutorial

Thursday, 01 May 2008

Making a bean bag animal

A friend has a new born baby girl and I was looking for something to make the elder brother feel special after being the only child for 6 years. As he LOVES dino's my thoughts were directed in this direction.
I thought of crocething one but didn't find a pattern that fancied me, though there are a couple to be found on the internet.

I picked up that he found a swimming dino at a "boot sale" and that was quite a catch, so decided to make him one. I first had to polish up on my dino knowledge as I knew how the swimming ones look like but the name..... so found the one he had on internet: Elasmosaurus.
I drew a pattern and then went in search of dino fabric in my stash. As I have 2 girls it was quite a search. At last I found green and purple checked fab so hope it is boyish and dinoish enough.

As I was cutting the Elasmo I thought it would be nice to stuff it with beans. That would be a little bit less soft for a boy ;-) and more fun.

I've never made a bean animal before so I have no idea what beans to use, does it make a difference. Well, I've found some bean tutorials on may search

of course you can throw the beans into almost anything you'd use fiber fill in I guess, like into this rabbit tutorial

Tutorials for Sock softies

I've made a sock bunny
It should have been a sock monkey to start with
but forgot to cut a tail so may first try-out at socking something into a monkey was this:

Here are some sock tutorials if you haven't found them yet somewhere else:

have you found any other sock animal tutorials?

Sock animals strip

Glove animals

pincushion tutorials

(above the pincushion that I've made after my BIG search)

I don't have a pincushion
thought it was time to make myself one
first looked for some tutorials
I'd like to share with you.
I'll pick one and make myself one soon.

Then finally I found pincushion that looked like the tute I was looking for...and fate would have it that here there is a LIST of pincushion tutorials....oh no! Why didn't I find this one first!

TheDomestickDiva's Stick a pin in it pincushion or Tammy times' flower pincushion

at second thought I found this one which is the REAL THING I was looking for

PurlBee's really easy pincushion

and a sweet patchwork pincushion alternative at Creative Kismet