Saturday, 31 May 2008

"Button your card" Tutorial

As I was making ready to assemble a package for my mom and baby dotee swap I found I didn't have a cute card to add. My crate with card making stuff was still at our previous home. I went to the one store we have in town and found nothing cute and creative enough with which I could associate lol. I did buy a little card as I had to have one and thought I'd just have to think of something to cuten it up!

When I came home I got a great idea: I turned to my addiction for comfort:
buttons and crocheting yarn
Surely you can think of this too but making this into a tute is fun, colourfull and may bring you a nice idea:

Skill level: absolutely eesy

Get your (or mother's)

  1. embroider's thread/yarn (I used crochet cotton)
  2. needle (large eye)
  3. buttons
  4. and a card (pick a size, I used a very small card)

  • The card may be a boring, bought one or
  • make your own one and draw something very simple on it. If you're afraid to draw something simple, ask your child to help you!
  • I've chosen as many buttons as there were flowers, of course you can have more or less, just what tickles your fancy.
  • Then I've ordered the buttons to see what would look best as it is very easy to create a beautifull 3D effect, not only because you're using buttons but because some are flat, thick, large or has an eyelet at the back which make it stand out more.

    start sewing girl!

(I started by tying a knot and make the first stitch from the back to the front.

I also ended by tying a knot)

You can cover the thread on the inside by glueing a piece of cute fabric or paper on to it, but I just left it like that.

You may get more ideas to brighten up the picture like I could've added a real satin ribbon or by embroiding the stems too. If you keep it simple it is quickly done and still shows your effort and creativity ;-)

Now you have another excuse to go and buy more buttons!

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Xiola said...

What an amazing idea Mon! Everything you make is so delicious!!