Saturday, 31 May 2008

Vintage/recycle Competition at CraftyMamas

I'm adding my penny of vintage stuff just to encourage beginner people like me to keep trying

Here I've tried the pillow case dress (tute here)made with a pillow from the vintage swap with CraftyMamas. The pillow case came all the way from Australia and didn't end up in the op shop too soon as it has definitely proof of a lot of use and sunny kisses. Somebody loved it and hang on to it untill the end ;-)

In hind sight:
* I should've kept the girls nearby when making it. Because afterwards I've made it too big(elastic) as I couldn't find them while sewing
* I've used to thick a fabric for making (my first) bias tape and too short so I had to add satin ribbon
* I've cut the arm holes to big

The dress will fit next year.... I'll definitely try again and learn from my mistakes .I've just used some coloured stiches to embelish as it it was time for dinner. The photo did come out over lighted, sorry for that

and then I crocheted a dressfrom this Vintage pattern:

Little Bo Peep - American Thread Company in Dolls and Dolls, Star Book 84, in 1951.

I've made her and under skirt (blue with white dots) as dd5yrs said that the dress was a bit improper with the holes in it....

I've used a trimming(purple pompoms) I got from one of my swap partners (can't remember which swap)

I've also added a (plastic fake jewel) button to give it a bit more of an evening gown look,

I guess miss bo beep met her prince

ps. I decided to make the dress because of dd5years:At a carboot sale she almost made a scene as she wanted a 2nd hand cinderella. For 2nd hand the lady asked too much. I guess she gambled that mom would give in because of the little girl. Mom didn't. I got the impression it was more the dress than the doll. So when I crocheted this one and added the jewel I knew I had it right Wanted to give the vintage crochet dress a bit of a spunk but use the yarn I had and thought the blue/purple would do it.

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