Saturday, 03 May 2008

French knot and dolees

(made this dotee with dd of 5 years)

Got up this morning and my 2 free days are over ;-) well it is not that bad, the girls returned from two days of being spoiled at grandma's.
I wanted to finish the dino yesterday but got a friendly hint to finish the last two seat covers I've been putting off. Husband thought that wife is inventing new projects to avoid tackling the covers. Husband was dead right. mmmm ok so I made 4 out out of the 6 covers and ran out of fabric. The thing was I'm a beginner sewer and made the pattern from an excisting cover. I want to give my new kitchen a retro Dutch look. I started the other 2 covers at a time when you know you shouldn't attempt anything.... I did assure dh that I was going to finish it yesterday so had to. Oh I started and it went all wrong, cut 3 pieces to small had to puzzle out everything again and was mad at myself for not doing it earlier, had hard stomaches the whole time (pregnant belly)etc. etc. In the end it worked out fine and I was glad for not budging out again.

Ok, back to this morning;
The girls were back and I was thinking of something to do with them so decided to practise making a dotee for the swap I've entered. So I showed them Dot's tutorial and they loved it, choosing the fabrics they both like. I've drawn the lines for them to cut out of the fabrics and the felt for the faces. We had lunch with dh and granddad and dd5 wanted to tell the men about our projects. As she is Dutch she confused the two English words and said we were making dollees, which of course is also what they are! The two men couldn't figure out what we were doing by looking at the fabric and circles so we didn't bother to explain, we'll just show it when it was finished.
Then we started sewing the faces. Dd5 thought that the nose of DD7's dotee looked like a pig (!) and wanted just one stripe for a nose. She also wanted open eyes (how to do that? I can't really sew). I remembered my mom made French knots at one time when I was still at school so thanx to internet was able to look it up. She sewed the eye sockets and I tried the french knot. One look at DD5's face and I pulled it all out again. She said:"mom you should use beads". Luckily found some very small black beads and dd was happy again. Well the three of us are now taking a break. I'm blogging and they're running around outside.
I was curious about the French know so found a different tute, and would you believe it, it worked! DD7 came in and said:"Oh you did manage this time! I like it now."
French knot tutorial

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