Monday, 05 May 2008

The April challenge was...

"April's Challenge, mamas, is to MAKE SOMETHING FOR YOURSELF!!! ( for a change...we deserve it!)We spend so much of our craft time making items for our family...this time it's ALL ABOUT MAMA!!"
This is what I write 24/4

"I've actually sewn myself a bag. Yes will all the painting and stuff I'm doing I've never made myself a bag except for the felted one I've tried and decided to keep.Well this time it was another bag made with the sew baby pattern bought in the shop, easy and neat for a beginner like me (hint hint to all other beginners out there) I've made it once before now I've made it in pink unfortunately just as I wanted to take the pics then of course the batteries I owe you a pic but in the mean time I'm enjoying my bag"

At last I have the pictures:
The bag is huge, you can throw in the dog as well on the first photo the pockets are inside, in the 2nd outside

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Peta said...

Looks great Mon, I love the fabric you've used.