Monday, 30 July 2007

mealies and dots

This past weekend was b-day time for one of the girls.
It was quite dotty:

The b-day girl got the flamenco shoes and the dress to match. Her day was made! (parents happy....)

We went to a play farm called maisdoolhof. Lots of mealies.

mea·lie also mie·lie (mē'lē) n. South African.
An ear of corn.
mealies Corn; maize.
[Afrikaans mielie, ultimately from Latin milium, millet (perhaps via Portuguese milho).]

I mostly enjoyed that the kids were having fun and I was in awe with the clouds:

Friday, 27 July 2007


It is a secret.

I'm working on 2 projects and I can't show because the receivers-in-future will see it here...

Then the other project I did for the craft swap is a week on its way and I'm so excited but I still can't show it to you.

So why did I right this entry in the first place...

mmmm I think just to let you know that when my fingers aren't busy typing they're busy with something else.


Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Don't do this at home

My little girl was invited to a party. Normally I make the gifts myself. This time I wasn't in the mood for painting so decided to sew something. As always I started too late, had to many bright ideas and have to be very creative to cover my tracks; I'm not a veteran in all!
Yesterday evening at 22:00.... I designed a dog and made it. Design in my point of view is just a snazzy term for I was to hardheaded and lazy to use somebody else's pattern. I tend to invent the wheel all over again. I must be a snob. I went to bed completely dissatisfied with the end result and decided to BUY a gift for the girl.

Then this mornings I was all fit and bubbly with new ideas.... 2.5 hours later while making a lot of frustrative noises I wrapped the self made gift with my daughter. EVerything was finished JIT!!

I covered the dog's belly with crocheted flowers and made him a collar with the girl's name and beads I had. I added some more flowers to make it convincing that the flowers were part of the design. The girl was turning 5 so I thought maybe the dog is for a baby so I made a dress. First I thought to make the dog a dress too so that there will be some kind of connection between the dog and the dress. Didn't have enough I sewed crocheted flowers onto the dress. That made the dress less simple. Well.... there is enought glitter to distract the attention ;-)

The dress has a long body and fits under the arms. (not shown completely on this photo)

My youngest daughter said the dress looked a bit funny...
the oldest daughter asked if the dog was a deer...

Thursday, 19 July 2007

Something blue

10 days since my last entry and have I been busy! In a nice way of course trying new things with crocheting. It seems the crochet but bites everytime there's nice weather as this is a hobby I easily can take outside. This time I've tried a crocheting a little gift basket. On the photo you see my first try, I've filled it with yarn just to be able to make a photo. Next time I'll use a smaller hook or/and I guess the yarn is not really made for this. Nice yarn anyway.

I'm going to fill it and then give as a gift with a friend's mother in Turkey.

I'm working on something else too which takes up my time and gave me a blister. I can't tell you what yet as it is a part of a swap for July. I have to finish it and send it to my swap buddy in Australia tomorrow...

After she has received it I'll let you in on the secret ;-)

Monday, 09 July 2007

I've tried this weekend some new liners I've bought with a friend. I'm quite use to the ones I bring from South Africa so It was a bit getting use to these. They're from "Tulip". I've tried them out on a used pair of jeans belonging to my youngest. She'll be delighted when she sees it I think because it is a favourite and showed wear and tear

I've tried them out on a used pair of jeans belonging to my youngest. She'll be delighted when she sees it I think because it is a favourite and showed wear and tear

Because we DID have sun on Sunday, we sat outside.
The only hobby I know that I can easily take outside it crocheting! That is if I don't do crossword puzzles.
So I crocheted this bird (finished it today). It is a crazy crow pattern and you can see why it is called that way. It was quite fun to make. Its paws make me thing of a slaughtered chickens' lol.

Saturday, 07 July 2007


It is now 24:01
it rained today - Friday -
and it was cold.

Thursday, 05 July 2007

I saw it!!

The sun!
Not a picture of a sun
the newspaper "The Sun"
the rap artist King Sun
not a logo of Sun Microsystems
not Forest Sun the rock star
not the Sun river in a travel magazine
or sunscreen
not a sun on television
or in a magazine
but outside in the sky propped in a blanket of grey clouds
and then...
it went away again;
Hello Sun; bye-bye Sun
So we made cookies today..
you make think they're in the form of a sun because we so desperately need sun
but it is a star;
Here comes the story behind the stars:
I'm participating at a craftymamas forum and they have ideas, challenges etc
very nice.
The theme challenge for July is: Christmas lol
It can be anything you've made,
so we made coffee flavoured(my idea) Christmas(star shape + metallic balls) cookies
dipped in chocolate
*The "we" = the girls and me
* A cookie ( = A small, usually flat and crisp cake made from sweetened dough.

ok I've also done some Christmas "graphicing"

And to make sure it is not seen as last December's baking I've

dived into the "old paper" (yes, we separate here in The Netherlands)

and found the newspaper of yesterday.

I took a photo with a cookie and the date of yesterday

like in the "kidnap" detective series on television.

Wednesday, 04 July 2007


The fourth day of the week
and I'm going to use it to complain once more about the weather and then I'll stop
According to
The definition of complain is:

To express feelings of pain, dissatisfaction, or resentment.
To make a formal accusation or bring a formal charge.

I'll share with your our weather forecast(yahoo):
Keep in mind it is Summer.... who says WHAT about global warming??

And have a look at the rest of the week:

  • jipieeee tomorrow is the best day of the week(NOT!): light rain,17degrees
  • Friday is not a good day for an umbrella because of the wind so I'll just cover my head with a plastic bag
  • Saturday is very simple: just rain
  • Wow and Sunday is a supprise day: when and where will the shower be and I'm not talking about a baby shower or something to get clean in!

I don't want you to get drenched in my sarcasm so I'll stop here and go crawl into bed after making myself a cup of coffee and warming up a sugar waffle (as I couldn't find a liaison)

Tuesday, 03 July 2007

My glasses must be dirty..

I can't recognize the season we're in

we've had the Winter: check

Spring: checked

it is suppose to be Summer: check?

but it looks like Autumn: check!?

so I'll share some pumpkins I've painted

for the Kreamarkt

with lilies to go

* I've painted them on a table cloth but the color is closer to that of the lily photo*

May dear friend stepped in and rescued me for painting in vain;

she bought it the same day ;-)

I must remember today it is

(Yesterday I've made this cute tag)
and I have to go to a parent's evening tonight at the girls' school

Monday, 02 July 2007

Spill the coffee

No it is certainly not a matter of "spill the beans" but the coffee.
It happened twice in 4 hours.
First my husband overthrew the coffee regime on our bed and then
I did it while reading a magazine at the table. So what does this tell me?
To be very careful around the coffee today!
I'll share some pics of a dog who spilled coffee on its coat:

It is the beautiful African Wild Dog. Not very known outside of Africa.
The most successful of African predators but also endangered as they need a large territory.
They are often (I don't know how lol) confused with hyena's if you haven't heard of/seen them before.It is also know as: the Cape hunting dog and the painted wolf (I love this one!)

Every individual has its own unique spots.

Do yourself a favor and read more about them: here!

We've visited a wild animal rehab centre called Moholoholo when we were in South Africa.
Moholoholo ("The Very Great One")
This is where I took the photo's. In the past we have been fortunate enough to see them in the Kruger Park as well. Any questions?
I'll make myself a cup of coffee while you're reading all about these dogs lol!