Thursday, 19 July 2007

Something blue

10 days since my last entry and have I been busy! In a nice way of course trying new things with crocheting. It seems the crochet but bites everytime there's nice weather as this is a hobby I easily can take outside. This time I've tried a crocheting a little gift basket. On the photo you see my first try, I've filled it with yarn just to be able to make a photo. Next time I'll use a smaller hook or/and I guess the yarn is not really made for this. Nice yarn anyway.

I'm going to fill it and then give as a gift with a friend's mother in Turkey.

I'm working on something else too which takes up my time and gave me a blister. I can't tell you what yet as it is a part of a swap for July. I have to finish it and send it to my swap buddy in Australia tomorrow...

After she has received it I'll let you in on the secret ;-)

1 comment:

Violet said...

oh it gave you a blister Mon. Hope it heals soon. I can't even start to guess what it could be. lol