Thursday, 26 February 2009

Gift idea

A friend's dd8 had her b-day and I had to come up with something.
I painted a premade unbleached cotton drawstring bag. On the photo's the pink/orange looks a bit bland, sorry about that.

I painted a cherry and stenciled a butterfly on the one side, lined with gold.

I made a rosette with her initial on top of it with felt, a check fabric and a cherry fabric (which came all the way from Australia's Twospunkymonkeys from Crafty Mamas), embroder's thread, white lacey buttons and a satin ribbon.

I wanted to put a recipy with an ingredient mix in the bag or marbles (it is now the in season) but didn't have time. I've put a handfull of thick colouring pens in there which will always be used. When te little girl saw it she was so happy as she wanted a bag for her marbles...her mom said "maybe it is to beautifull to use at school" lol! I'm happy when a gift is received in such a way.

Ruffled skirt

It worked
I'm made my first cute ruffled skirt for my girls using 3 Bizz kids fabrics in purples and reds.
The ruffling is a lot of work as I do it by hand but I'm quitet chuffed with myself:

I used this tutorial from Kuky ideas.

New baby on board

I've resolutely told my husband this was our third and last baby....
so as he can't have babies himself he went and
took another mother's baby and brought her home.
I couldn't refuse:

Her name is Cinder untill we can find a very suitable name.
We actually want an eay to pronounce Afrikaans name.
Defenition of cinder according to
burned or partly burned substance, such as coal,
that is not reduced to ashes but is incapable of further combustion.
A partly charred substance that can burn further but without flame.
I thought it fitted her looks.
Cinder is a Boerboel pup. Boerboels are the South African Mastiff. I grew up with these dogs on the farms. They're guard dogs as well as family friends and are very sensitive. Read more about boerboels at wikipedia.
So at the moment I'm changing nappies and newspapers!
(My baby is 3 months older but they're born in the same year)

sewing away

Well my new year's resolution is going just great!
I've finished 2 covers for dd8's lamps

and it the dotty fabric is the same as I used to make for her pillow cover and acute that is resting on her bed. I intend to sew her curtains from the same fabric but don't have enough at the moment. I'm so proud of mysef. The first time I've tried it and it looks gorgeous. In the evening with the light on it gives a blueish glow. Cute!

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Watch out: Gorgeous Model!

and....this is how she pays her boarding and lodging by showing my creations ;-)
I've crocheted a scarf using 2 types of pink and a raspberry crocheting yarn (cotton mix called Paris).
I've added the basic granny square and my favourite daisy squares at the end of the scarf.
I've also tried my hand at making a bib! My first using this tutorial, it is a bit too small (maybe I've printed it too small?) Well it is good for my confidence so I'll make more. I HAVE to make more as this girl eats carrots!

you can see the dutch print pillow I've made for my kitchen chair. I've promised you a photo and you'll have to do with this one ;-)


It has been a white again since I've posted but I haven't been idle at all.
I've painted a painting in Acryl 50x40cm for my dd6:

I've been painting an order 40x30cm:

The gold and silver 3D liners I use alway photographs badly, pity about the photo then but you get the idea ;-)

Monday, 09 February 2009


'Here is the promised photo,

I've based the pillow on a well known tute (which I now can't find! grrrr) but kind of then went my own way.

The pillow without the finge is 50x50cm and as this was for the room of dd8 it was made with the same fabric as Acute

Happy B-day

Yes, my friends cute little girl turned 2! I made her a pillow. One of my New Year's resolutions (and the only one) was to try my hand at sewing this year. I've already made a pillow for my dd8 (still owe you the photo) and now made one for Strawberry Shortcake. Lol the little cutie had a red birth mark on her forehead and out of sweatness I called her Strawberry Shortcake. The red mark dissapeared and she had the cute little head of Strawberry ;-) I wanted to make her something with a strawberry but as always starte WAY TOO LATE!

The backside is cherise pink with small white dots and a green bias binding. Actually more funky looking than te front. I made a little pocket and wanted to add a little felt animal but it was already too late in the evening and then my eye fell on the little sun so I added it. The fabric comes from one of my swaps. I think from the Flickr fat quater swap but I can be mistaken otherwise it is from a crafty mama ;-)