Wednesday, 17 August 2011


Still owed a photo of the flag line I made for my 8y0's b-day in July. I made one last year which in my opinion was prettier. On our visit to South-Africa in 2010 my oldest daughter turned 10 and I took the flagline with. Upon visiting one of my best friends I decided to do her a pleasure and gave her the flag line. This year my second child kept reminding me to have a finished one in time for her b-day in June. Well, I made the deadline.

I've cut 28 flags with a stencil I made from cardboard
and then used my rotary cutter to cut the triangles
I locked two flags at a time, right sides facing outwards, together
I then add them all randomly sewing them on 3m of bias binding
the binding is pink so I used a double zigzag stitch in red to create a very cute look

I made this line mostly with reds and pinks
my eldest turns 11 in October and I'd like to make her a blue/green one as she's not a pink girl
I'd like to make myself a black/white one but a dash of colour won't hurt at all :)
we"ll see

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Little Mona Lisa when she was still a poor girl

I've found her at a local market in Pende, Piccard, France. Was a lovely market with no tourists to be spotted apart from us. I saw her and fell in love with the browns(unfortunately not well seen on the photo), her simplicity and her observing glance. Love her.

The flowers on the dyke

We live on a dyke in The Netherlands and I just love the flowers growing on it!

Vintage Chandelier

Got this beautiful vintage chandelier from my aunt. She bought it at a local market in Belgium. Isn't it beautfiul? I'm going to enjoy the light from it in my hobby room and later it will be moved to my downs
tairs toilet. I'm planning to give it the vintage charcoal/withered

pink/cream look. Can't wait

I've carefully cleaned it today and now it is up to hubby to mount it for me.