Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Percheron and polka dots

I've painted the partial face of a Percheron with oil on Canvas (80x30cm).
I've cropped the photo a bit.
This was my first try out of making myself a skirt. I've sewn it according to an Onion Pattern number 3021. It is ok. Don't want to talk about it. I wish my mom was near(she's 10 000km's away) to help me rather than me trying to discover the wheel all over again regarding sewing. The delightfull babyrib fabric was (I think) from Stenzo (or somekind of a known European brand)

Friday, 15 February 2008


I've created this bird after a drawing of my 7 year old. I had some fun creating tags with ribbons and using all kinds of fabric and embelishments. His other side is completely different. I've also used safty eyes.

Oh I've received this Crafty Mamas vintage swap from the dear Cinnemum (visit her blog). I didn't take a photo right away of the contents of the swap and now a search party is looking for the missing items near Mount 5 year old. She ran of with a vintage bracelet the hat and the vintage belt ;-)
I got
  • a lovely little golden book: Raggedy Ann and the cookie snatcher (about telling the truth)
  • a ladies vintage garden hat (made by Cinn)
  • a vintage embroidery on a doily (made by Cinn)
  • a book with and inscription written in 1956 "what Katy did"
  • vintage cake decorating book
  • and a vintage pattern: style 3944
  • groovy hip belt
  • glorious purple and gold bracelet
  • 2 vintage pillows