Saturday, 30 May 2009

Knippie Idee Zomer 2008

Oki I have this STASH of fabric and I convinced myself it was time for an overlocker though I've never sewn a piece of clothing before. Not really. Well a little beanie for a baby doesn't count and also not the stuff that I tried but didn't really work out. I mean like seriously following a pattern from a sew mag and actually be proud of it.
Well, now I understand what people were talking about when they say: I can't imagine my sewing life without an overlocker. Quite right. I thought I'd buy one when I'm one seriously good sewer but no! Luckily I didn't wait untill then. I might become one mega sewing girls BECAUSE of my overlocker. What a lovely thing it is to be able to cut and overlock wowee.

Well, I tried a pattern from Knippie Idee zomer 2008 (Dutch mag). The difficulty level was 2 dots. Meaning any experience in sewing. I thought I had that. Well maybe my Dutch is not good enough but I just couldn't get it. do I know how to ruffle the skirt part and it will fit the bodice? Well, I have a ruffler foot and ended up doing it again by hand... snif! snif! Any tips? What is the ratio?
I just pushed through and in the end it made all sense...

only thing is I made it like 2 sizes too big lol! didn't realise that with an overlocker one can easily reduce the size of the extra seam while cutting the pattern... Well maybe it'll fit next Summer lol!

White washed

I was sorting out the dirty laundry then the telephone went upstairs, when I returned some white wash was added lol! This is zizi our maltese after a trim

Dress from t-shirt

I've been wanting to try the tutorial out: making a dress from a T-shirt.
I is a very easy to follow tutorial from The Crafty Mama herself: Cinnamum .
It is my first try at sewing a "dress" and one has to start somewhere and quick. I have 3 girls, love being creative, love to buy fabric and am a I tried.

Next time I will know that if you sew a t-shirt where you cut it off, it will stretch...yes very logic. Didn't get that one, now I know how to make lettuce!
Well in the meantime also got an overlocker so the differencial feed will sort it out for me ;-)
I've used fabric from I think Stenso I bought last year. If someone recognises it as something else please let me know. I've made a double casing to pull ribbon trough but it is not very clear on the photo what I've done there lol. The model is dd8 and it is taken on the Dyke we live on.