Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Clay day

This past Monday I was asked at a Primary school to do some claying with the kids ages 4-6. I've never done it before but was quite excited to give it a try. I first tried out some ideas on my own kids (5 and 7 years) and made some examples. There were 29 kids and they were divided in 5 groups. We made a large rose, a dinosaur, a little square man and a snail with wired antennae. On the photo you see a small version of the rose which I've painted and used with daffodil bulbs as a gift. Each child made one creation with a mega large heap of clay. I was really impressed with the way the roses turned out. Maybe I'll make a tutorial about that one because it is so easy and impressive for kids to make. I really had a fun morning and got a yellow bouquet as a thanx!

This morning came the January Fat Quarter swap, I was really spoiled with cute fabrics and ribbons in a very neat package ;-) aaaalll the way from New Zealand

Saturday, 19 January 2008

Slipping up on the slippers

After doing some serious surfing trying to find a free crochet pattern for slippers I came across these ones. I fell in love with them and tried them out. Well, next time better. I wanted to crochet the slippers for my little girl of 7 and had to adapt the pattern. So as I'm not a veteran on this area I tried my best and know (I think) what to do next time. It was anyway fun and I've finished them while the intended owner was already in dreamland so I'll have to wait until the morning to hear her comments.
Yarn used:
Punto color from Schachenmayr
color code:92
50g 90m

Out of the closet came...

Well the story does the round that Lady Anna was the one that introduced Bella to Mon Art Fashion Design for a new dress. All part of a planned metamorphosis. At first all were supprised by Bella's courage to step into the spotlight and with such style. Whispering voices suggested that Lady Anna was behind this as she was the first to wear dresses designed by Monart. Lady Anna was well known in high society. She has an astonishing social IQ and the network of contacts she has woven over time is the only thing that catches her when she risks of falling from the ladder of fame. Her chest size points directly towards the Opera house where she spends most of her time at what she claims to be the reason for her fame: singing. She claims to be the one referred to to when said "It’s not over until the fat lady sings. " (though she does find the term crude and insist it being originally said as: It is not over until the clearly visible lady sings). Lady Anna is known for keeping up appearances and trying to wave away the dark cloud of opera critics since her career saw the light. It may be that helping the ever sweet Bella up the ladder is none other than a good calculated publicity stunt. ...
We've been able to draw a photo from the archives of Lady Anna. She has a standing court order against anyone publishing a photo of her after the age of 45 as she wants to be remembered by her fans as "The lady who managed the art of youth fullness".

a saga unfolds

This morning "The stylist" was already undressing miss Mouse which is now called by her artist's name: Bella. It seems the stylist is in an ethical conflict as she dressed her favourite star (Annabel which is a new born poodle) with the clothes. I'm sure Bella will make a come back. She has such character despite where she comes from. I guess she discerns that it is showbiz and that Annabel is too young and oblivious of these things. The mamarazzi was able to capture an unflattering photo of Annabel after another night of partying her worries away. It seems she has entered the limelights too soon and without adequate advice. Late nights and unbalanced eating have taken its toll on Annabel's skin. After intensive talks and agreements a deal was cut and Annabel's photo was published after it was photo shopped.

Friday, 18 January 2008

Miss Mouse

I've just finished what I've started after dinner and no, it is not my coffee. I've crocheted this mouse what should be a bunny when starting this hobby 2 years ago. She is from a little booklet called "vrolijke beestjes haken". The 2nd bunny I tried out turned out looking like piglet and was sold as a piglet. Well Martie as I called her was claimed by my youngest in the mean time. Martie supprised me by hanging onto her dangling arms and legs despite the rough but fun times she went through. To be honest I thought she'll be a grey mouse living a grey live somewhere forgotten. None was true. Martie with her cute face and her big spirit in that awkward little body, caught the eye of the talent hunter in our house. So Martie rose to the occasion and got a new suitable show bizz name from her new manager. I'll just check with the manager if I may go public with the info so soon. Her manager and stylist (it seems) asked me to make her a dress and as this rising star has such a wonderful personality I made her a hat to match! Monart designed and crocheted her a Cherise scalloped dress with blue trimmings and a hat that will make the ladies green at the Derby ;-)

Granny Square Bag

At last...finished. I've crocheted these squares in August while my husband drove as to and from our holiday location in Denmark. If it wasn't for the Autobahn(highway in Germany where one can drive at top speed) I would've ended up with more squares but probably end up being a square too!

I ran out of hairy yarn when short stitching the squares together. I didn't want the pink that much but the purple was nowhere to be found. To work away the hairy tails isn't that much fun either because the hairs get caught up everywhere. Anyway it is finished now:
19 squares
30x45cm measured without handles
I still want to add a wooden button and crochet a loop and maybe sew an inside/lining.

I got the idea for doing the bag this bag here, when I was looking for something interesting to do with the granny squares.

Monday, 14 January 2008

Dee diddy dum

I've been itching now for a long time to do this; felting. I've crocheted this diddy bag with pure wool I've won here with a Green bag swap. The bag was 31x31cm. I've agitated it by washing it on 30 degrees in the washing machine. It shrunk only 2cm in the width and nothing in the length.
So then I washed it at 50 degrees and the end result was a good and solid felted diddy bag:


A perfect bag for a crochet project!

wool used:Moda Dea by Cartwheel

50gr 71m

crocheting two strands simultaneously and used 5 balls

color: 9823 sea blue& color:9745 rasberries

Thursday, 10 January 2008

Crocheting fun potholders

While surfing a bit a crashed onto a blog that has a crazy cloth pattern(which I'm very thankful for). I thought I'd try it and after almost giving it up (it loos so simple but missed one of my brain cells in the process) I got the hang of it and couldn't stop. I was very very grateful for the accompanied photo's! (Thank you dear lady)I've tried them in different colours and embellished them with cute buttons. Great gifts. Great to crochet. I

This one was crocheted with red and a red and orange mixed thread but it is not that visible on the photo. It went to a friend as a verrrry late b-day gift.

This one I gave to my husband's grandmother for her birthday with an invitation for dinner.

I will definitely use this pattern in future!
I've bought the cute buttons here

Christmas Jewelry

On Christmas day I "couldn't find" a necklace to fit my top so I made one.
The crocheted beads I've made last year and was waiting for a reason to use them.
I've collected the girls' wooden beads all over the house over time... and crocheted balls over them with Cherise shiny cotton.I have used 8 crocheted beads in total.

This is a large piece reaching 95cm. I've crocheted the beads together using fake fur yarn and some of my prize 100%wool. I've used silver metal beads, Cherise/pink/Salmon glass beads and black wooden beads using a 3mm hook.

I was quite pleased with how it turned out, just as arty and a bit over the top as I wanted.

Saturday, 05 January 2008

So Sad....

While brunching we heard a loud Thump! Our youngest thought it was fireworks some mischievous youngster still had to light after New Year's eve.
I wished it was...it was one of the birds, we were admiring at our bird feeder, who flew into the glass door.
It was a "common" finch(Chaffinch). Beautifully coloured (not seen in Photo but see link).
As we rushed to the window he was just giving his last squirms and died. Broken neck.
I rushed to get my Photo camera and the girls were planning a funeral. Dad got the spade.
What a pity.


This beautifully crisp sunny morning I got a *B*E*A*U*T*I*F*U*L* swap in the post.
I'll share the medium version of this package:

What is so amazing is that it was a swap that was to be sent by Nov 4th. Two weeks later still no sign of it. I assumed it was maybe sent by slow shipping. Four weeks later I still haven't received it and after an e-mail to my swap partner she replied ending her mail with saying that she was ill at the time and asked dh to mail it not telling him how important the sent date was and she really felt terrible that it took so long. So I thought as it was Christmas time I'll just have to be patient. Well, this morning it came and I can understand why it took it's time lol somebody at TNT (our national postal service) took his or her time to decode the address and did a splendid job. I've place bubbles for my own privacy but I can assure you that what is underneath the bubbles is also smudged! This envelope was drenched good and solid, even the sender's address was smudged.

I've been totally spoiled by my swapper: this photo will give you only an idea as it is impossible to show everything! My girls were totally swooning; the one laid hand on the scissors and buttons and made a little booklet for grandma and the other one was playing princess with a pink glittery FatQuater. Wow.. so many scrapbook paper, embellishments, vintage photo's, stickers and buttons. It makes my hands tingle to make something.

So thank you to Fairlight and Michelle for the Miscelanny swap and keeping track of sent and received swaps.

Thank you for Kim for your abundant package

and thank you for post person who manage to solve the address enigma

Holiday Ornaments 2007

I'm a bit behind on posting so I'll try and catch up:

This cute embroidery I've received from Crystal, TN :
This arty ornament came from Lauren, Florida (I just love the combinations and textures):

and then just before the end of 2007, this gorgeously cute skates made with paperclips and felt came aaaaalll the way from Meg in Mexico:
That was it then; aaaaah "only" 9 ornaments. One get so greedy for more ;-) Well, looking forward to the ornaments of 2008!