Friday, 18 January 2008

Miss Mouse

I've just finished what I've started after dinner and no, it is not my coffee. I've crocheted this mouse what should be a bunny when starting this hobby 2 years ago. She is from a little booklet called "vrolijke beestjes haken". The 2nd bunny I tried out turned out looking like piglet and was sold as a piglet. Well Martie as I called her was claimed by my youngest in the mean time. Martie supprised me by hanging onto her dangling arms and legs despite the rough but fun times she went through. To be honest I thought she'll be a grey mouse living a grey live somewhere forgotten. None was true. Martie with her cute face and her big spirit in that awkward little body, caught the eye of the talent hunter in our house. So Martie rose to the occasion and got a new suitable show bizz name from her new manager. I'll just check with the manager if I may go public with the info so soon. Her manager and stylist (it seems) asked me to make her a dress and as this rising star has such a wonderful personality I made her a hat to match! Monart designed and crocheted her a Cherise scalloped dress with blue trimmings and a hat that will make the ladies green at the Derby ;-)

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Beth said...

oooooh...I LOVE Miss Mouse!! sooooo cute!