Friday, 18 January 2008

Granny Square Bag

At last...finished. I've crocheted these squares in August while my husband drove as to and from our holiday location in Denmark. If it wasn't for the Autobahn(highway in Germany where one can drive at top speed) I would've ended up with more squares but probably end up being a square too!

I ran out of hairy yarn when short stitching the squares together. I didn't want the pink that much but the purple was nowhere to be found. To work away the hairy tails isn't that much fun either because the hairs get caught up everywhere. Anyway it is finished now:
19 squares
30x45cm measured without handles
I still want to add a wooden button and crochet a loop and maybe sew an inside/lining.

I got the idea for doing the bag this bag here, when I was looking for something interesting to do with the granny squares.

1 comment:

Sketched Soul said...

Wow! I love the bag! I really like the colours and different textures :)

Well done.