Saturday, 05 January 2008


This beautifully crisp sunny morning I got a *B*E*A*U*T*I*F*U*L* swap in the post.
I'll share the medium version of this package:

What is so amazing is that it was a swap that was to be sent by Nov 4th. Two weeks later still no sign of it. I assumed it was maybe sent by slow shipping. Four weeks later I still haven't received it and after an e-mail to my swap partner she replied ending her mail with saying that she was ill at the time and asked dh to mail it not telling him how important the sent date was and she really felt terrible that it took so long. So I thought as it was Christmas time I'll just have to be patient. Well, this morning it came and I can understand why it took it's time lol somebody at TNT (our national postal service) took his or her time to decode the address and did a splendid job. I've place bubbles for my own privacy but I can assure you that what is underneath the bubbles is also smudged! This envelope was drenched good and solid, even the sender's address was smudged.

I've been totally spoiled by my swapper: this photo will give you only an idea as it is impossible to show everything! My girls were totally swooning; the one laid hand on the scissors and buttons and made a little booklet for grandma and the other one was playing princess with a pink glittery FatQuater. Wow.. so many scrapbook paper, embellishments, vintage photo's, stickers and buttons. It makes my hands tingle to make something.

So thank you to Fairlight and Michelle for the Miscelanny swap and keeping track of sent and received swaps.

Thank you for Kim for your abundant package

and thank you for post person who manage to solve the address enigma

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Fairlightday said...

I'm so glad that you finally got your swap package! It looks like it was worth the wait. :) I'm so glad everything got worked out. Thanks for letting us know.