Monday, 14 January 2008

Dee diddy dum

I've been itching now for a long time to do this; felting. I've crocheted this diddy bag with pure wool I've won here with a Green bag swap. The bag was 31x31cm. I've agitated it by washing it on 30 degrees in the washing machine. It shrunk only 2cm in the width and nothing in the length.
So then I washed it at 50 degrees and the end result was a good and solid felted diddy bag:


A perfect bag for a crochet project!

wool used:Moda Dea by Cartwheel

50gr 71m

crocheting two strands simultaneously and used 5 balls

color: 9823 sea blue& color:9745 rasberries

1 comment:

Sketched Soul said...

Oh wow..
That was quick!! I love it.. I really like the style.

Makes me want to try it out!

Congratulations on trying out felting. I hope you get the opportunity to continue.

Thank you for sharing.

Love Farhana