Saturday, 05 January 2008

Holiday Ornaments 2007

I'm a bit behind on posting so I'll try and catch up:

This cute embroidery I've received from Crystal, TN :
This arty ornament came from Lauren, Florida (I just love the combinations and textures):

and then just before the end of 2007, this gorgeously cute skates made with paperclips and felt came aaaaalll the way from Meg in Mexico:
That was it then; aaaaah "only" 9 ornaments. One get so greedy for more ;-) Well, looking forward to the ornaments of 2008!


Crystal said...

I am so glad you liked my ornament. You did get Larens and mine mixed up though. I made the hedge hog ornament. :) I really enjoyed swaping with everyone!

monART said...

Sorry Crystal and thanx for letting me know. I've right my wrong :-)