Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Opening my gifts

Before Christmas because I CAN'T WAIT!
This utterly cute and original Christmas dress is from Shin (here's her blog), isn't this cute? This is how my day started.

Then the doorbell rang and I got a package from The Green Swap. This went fast, I didn't expect it already, especially with the Christmas craziness in Post land. This is my prize I've shopped for on ETsy. I wanted now for a long time to buy pure wool to crochet a bag and then felt it.(trying something like this) The colours are beautiful! Thank you Farhanna. Included was beautiful stich markers, from the same shop, i wanted to photograph but then my photo ran out of batteries.

this too came in the post: a felt Christmas ornament from Tannis in Canada. You can visit her here .

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Sketched Soul said...


I am thrilled your prize got to you so soon!

Thank you for the picture of it. :)

Happy crocheting! I would love to see how you bag turns out.

Take care
Love Farhana