Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Christmas Swaps

I've joined the Holiday Ornament swap 2007. I've made 9 ornaments and sent them and then I'll receive in return from 9 different people. My first received one was from Knitalatte from Canada. She wrapped this cutey in the most beautiful wrapping. Here you can see more ornaments on the Flickr site.

Then I've also joined the Crafty Mama secret Christmas swap. I've been abundantly spoiled by my secret swap mama:
In the photo above you can see some of the 12 felt Christmas trees she made me and 9 of the 10 candy ornaments. Unfortunately for the candy#10, who snapped in the post, I had to eat him lol. Below you can see an apron(I'm definitely and apron girl), pan holder, beautiful knitted arm bracelet/band, a beautiful Christmas sock (the little bear has stitched details), 3 Christmas fabrics and 1 fold out Christmas Card. The care taken to make these things and to put my package together is so valued. Thank you Secret Crafty Mama!

Now for the other 8 ornaments woo-hoo!

1 comment:

Violet said...

Great goodies you have received Mon.
Yep would happily send some Degrees Celcius your way, if I could. ;-) You sure do need it.
And yep will definately remember to enjoy as well. :-)