Monday, 10 December 2007

If you can't keep up...

...then don't run with the wild ponies!
I've made 2 fillies for a Christmas order from a crafty mama(see her blog here as she makes awesome bears and jewelry)
The 2 ponies have each 2 different sides. I've had some fun with ribbon, buttons, press-ons,felt,fake fur and safety eyes. The ponies are blanket stitched around and then I've crocheted mane and given them awesome 2 coloured tails ;-) To see the other sides please visit my Flickr Album
I can show you the ponies because I just had a private message that they've arrived safely and in time for Christmas, woo-hoo! The four sides have all a press on felt flower so you can play with the ponies' flowered butts changing them as you wish.

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