Monday, 11 April 2011

Always time for cupcakes!

I was in a cupcake them swap and had difficulty finding cupcake items. The cupcake rage is not yet known here in The Netherlands. There is but a very few places that I can find anything cupcake. What a sadness because I'm a cupcake freak and the cupcake frenzy is common in America, South Africa and Australia. At least. So I made my own cupcake keyring/bag accesory from felt. I took a photo and posted the sweet cupcake parcel just to discover my camera didn't have a card in when I took the pick grrrrrr. I decided to make 5 cupcake keyrings because it was so much fun and took my photo making SURE I had the card inserted. The cupcake without the ribbon and keyring is 6cm x 6cm

Monday, 04 April 2011

Zpagetti Heart pillow

I've bought the two book(let)s for zpagetti fans and in the one they have a crocheted heart. Of course it looked cute and of course I had to try it out. I did. Then took it apart and tried a normal pattern for a heart but still wasn't satisfied so I searched until I've found a heart where one doesn't add the bows of the heart at the end separately but crochet the heart in one go. I made two and then still had to stuff it. We've got two hearts from the Ikea I think 5 years ago. Big heart pillows with arms, very funny. The last days the two girls were actually leaving them all over the place or trow them in each others rooms so as to get rid of them. I got a bit tired of that so I got a brain wave. I cut of the arms (a bit gory to see lol) and then stuffed them both in the crocheted pillow. Now how's that for a frugal housewife:) he-he. I searched on youtube how to make a tassel and then added the tassel just for fun.
The backside are crocheted far neater than the front as I started with the front heart. I was so tired of taking the hearts apart as they're very large so got a bit lazy and just continued to crochet...