Monday, 11 April 2011

Always time for cupcakes!

I was in a cupcake them swap and had difficulty finding cupcake items. The cupcake rage is not yet known here in The Netherlands. There is but a very few places that I can find anything cupcake. What a sadness because I'm a cupcake freak and the cupcake frenzy is common in America, South Africa and Australia. At least. So I made my own cupcake keyring/bag accesory from felt. I took a photo and posted the sweet cupcake parcel just to discover my camera didn't have a card in when I took the pick grrrrrr. I decided to make 5 cupcake keyrings because it was so much fun and took my photo making SURE I had the card inserted. The cupcake without the ribbon and keyring is 6cm x 6cm


Little Munchkins said...! I LOVE cupcakes, and those keyrings are amazing!

Scrap-joy said...

Ook dit ziet er weer leuk uit.
Ik sta iedere keer weer versteld van het grote aantal creatieve dingen die je maakt.
Waar haal je toch al die tijd vandaan? Slaap je ook nog wel eens?

monART said...

Ik hou heel veel van mijn slaapje, houd je in gedachte dat ik geen baan heb? Dan kan ik wel wat uitspoken overdag :)