Monday, 14 February 2011

Crocheted Brooch

I've bought myself a very nice dress in the sale at Didi's. Just my style but it needed a little bit more color so I made a broche the evening before we went to visit family (and me of course in my new dress)

  • I've crocheted a double flower from a Dutch Crochet book: Marie Claire idees 250 Haakwerksteken. The yarn was an Alpaca mix
  • Gathered a brown piece of lace I've had in my stash
  • Cut circle with pinking sheers from fabric I'm making a skirt from. A light weight corduroy in purple with hints of Cherise and white (photo's as soon as it is finished)
  • used a brown wooden button
  • used a piece of a creme wool mix. I've used it to knit the top part for a cushion in my sitting room (photo as soon as it is finished)
  • used a piece of Cherise zpagetti I've used in the zpagetti pouffe and handbag I've crocheted.
  • a brooch pin I got from a broken brooch
And ta-da a very nice arty broche to go with my dress!

Zpagetti bag Milano

I've finished my zpagetti bag
as soon as I've received my ordered handle!
Zpagetti colours:
Pinkorange & Fuchsia
Bag handle with beads:

I had to improvise a bid as after I've crocheted the bottom part the Zpagetti was half the size, so I had to put away my zpagetti 12mm hook and take my crochet needle of 9mm to finish the job.
At first just continued to crochet with the zpagetti hook but the "holes" were so far apart and the bag became much to floppy and elastic at the top. I had to unto it all and then swap to the smaller hook. I guess that's on of the things what I like about Zpagetti,
the elelment of supprise :)

I've added a funky braided rosette for detail and added a large wooden button
so the bag can be closed.

Give Away sent!

I've sent the self created Iron transfer for my blog's giveaway.
By now the envelope must've/nearly reached the receiver

Monday, 07 February 2011

wrapped apple compote

It was Sunday and an aunt was coming to visit.
In the Netherlands apple pie/apple turnovers is/are a very standard to serve with the coffee.
Everybody eats them so it is a good bet every time and that is why I chose to make the turnovers as I had very little time.
I made the apple turnovers a bit different just not to get bored.
My 10 year old peeled, cored, cut 6 apples into dices
and I used frozen puff pastry (yeah I know looks good tastes likes nothing)
I cooked the apples untill soft with some cinnamon, cloves,brown sugar and added vanilla
(couldn't find my straw rum essence)
After letting the pastry defrost a bit I placed it in a muffin pan
and added the apple compote.
Unfortunately I couldn't add nuts or raisins as I would be the only one eating it.
25min in the oven and it was good enough to serve with the coffee.
Would've been nicer with cream but nobody was in the mood for that..

Friday, 04 February 2011

hello kitty kitty

Went this morning to a b-day party of the 4 year old,
only allowed if my 2 year old brought me allong.
Of course I made the necklace just before I went: