Monday, 07 February 2011

wrapped apple compote

It was Sunday and an aunt was coming to visit.
In the Netherlands apple pie/apple turnovers is/are a very standard to serve with the coffee.
Everybody eats them so it is a good bet every time and that is why I chose to make the turnovers as I had very little time.
I made the apple turnovers a bit different just not to get bored.
My 10 year old peeled, cored, cut 6 apples into dices
and I used frozen puff pastry (yeah I know looks good tastes likes nothing)
I cooked the apples untill soft with some cinnamon, cloves,brown sugar and added vanilla
(couldn't find my straw rum essence)
After letting the pastry defrost a bit I placed it in a muffin pan
and added the apple compote.
Unfortunately I couldn't add nuts or raisins as I would be the only one eating it.
25min in the oven and it was good enough to serve with the coffee.
Would've been nicer with cream but nobody was in the mood for that..

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