Friday, 04 February 2011

hello kitty kitty

Went this morning to a b-day party of the 4 year old,
only allowed if my 2 year old brought me allong.
Of course I made the necklace just before I went:


Amy said...

Hey! im visiting from the Follow my blog swap on swap bot. Username: Amikins. you are one of my assigned partners. I love your blog! visually its lovely and your crafts are so nice! Adoreable child and dog by they way! I was going to add myself as a follower, but i cant find the "follow" button. I'm sure i can figure it out thru my profile though. Keep bloging! and have fun bglo swaping!

monART said...

Hello dear Amy,
thanx for your comment :) I'll hop over to yours in a sec. I just love blogs :) To follow my blog: "subscribe to my blog" on the left of the page - see ya around :)

B Positive said...

Hi! I'm Becca from Swap-Bot. I'm new to swaps and pretty new to blogging (I already made my first swap-bot error by e mailing people instead of just going to their blog. sorry!) But I'm really excited to be following your blog. There's something really special about taking material and within a certain amount of time with effort and love and care, something beautiful comes out of it! You are very talented and I look forward to seeing what you create next! Thanks for all your great posts!


Colleen Wilkinson said...

Hey this is Miissc from swap-bot!

very interesting blog! I am excited to see more of your crafts

Mayje said...

Hi! I'm Mayje from Swap-bot. I'm one of your partners in the Follow My Blog swap. I enjoyed your blog and I like your craft projects. The necklace is really cute and I'm sure the little girl is delighted to have it. I also like the iron-on transfer keychains and your pincushions are really pretty! Happy blogging and swapping! ~~ Mayje

Britty Luna said...

Very cute! I am always a fan of Hello Kitty! :D
I am RyuLuna from Swap-Bot! And I am now following you!

Karen ~Georgia Angel said...

Hi, I'm stopping by from swap-bot (username leahrosesmom). You have a lovely blog. I loved the red necklace. Very pretty. I also liked your pouffe post and how you described finding things around the house to finish it. Very resourceful! :)