Monday, 14 February 2011

Zpagetti bag Milano

I've finished my zpagetti bag
as soon as I've received my ordered handle!
Zpagetti colours:
Pinkorange & Fuchsia
Bag handle with beads:

I had to improvise a bid as after I've crocheted the bottom part the Zpagetti was half the size, so I had to put away my zpagetti 12mm hook and take my crochet needle of 9mm to finish the job.
At first just continued to crochet with the zpagetti hook but the "holes" were so far apart and the bag became much to floppy and elastic at the top. I had to unto it all and then swap to the smaller hook. I guess that's on of the things what I like about Zpagetti,
the elelment of supprise :)

I've added a funky braided rosette for detail and added a large wooden button
so the bag can be closed.


Marutska said...

Nice Bag!!

Wat ik altijd doe, is tussen iedere ribbel maar één steek haken.
De eerste toer wat losjes en daarna weer wat strakker.....

Dan heb je in ieder geval niet dat ie aan de bovenkant wijd uit gaat staan!!


monART said...

oh okè, bedankt voor de tip Maria :)