Monday, 31 January 2011

Dutch Doggy de-luxe bedding

Ok I got up this morning and just had to make the new nest zone for Zizi. Her pillow was getting really old and the time was ripe to make a new one. Today. The last one I've painted with textile paint, I just can't seem to find a photo of it as I thought I posted it on the blog. Well, will keep looking for it.

My kitchen's theme is funky Dutch in the colours blue/white/red
I just love Dots. Originally the Dutch use red or blue check with the delft type of prints.

I kept it simple as I normally complicate things with my creativity attacks.
I made a cover from the red (used stash for that woot-woot!)
and then made a pillow with a Dutch couple print (used up stash so another woot!)
I filled the pillow with polystyrene balls that waited for a special moment like this for at least 4 years (brought it with me when I another double woot for using up stash)

I added a label with Dutch Windmills to both covers just to be fancy:

The cute little bear that got nipped by zizi was a gift from my friend in South Africa.
The other cute little one is my own and she's surely going to get a smooch!

zizi always have to share her nest. I posted on my blog when our cat annexed zizi's bed and then colonized it with a fresh batch of kittens. When it was safe for Zizi to reclaim her ground the kittens then in return claimed Zizi as their godmother. A dog's life. No democracy when cats and kids are around.


Regina Bruinier said...

Hoi Monique,

Wat is je site mooi geworden. En wat ben je weer lekker bezig geweest. Erg leuk allemaal! Die gehaakte poef is super. Zizi's kraamkamer is al klaar...

Liefs, Regina

willow and moo said...

Oh very nice bed for Zizi!