Monday, 24 January 2011

iron on transfers and GIVEAWAY

I've bought transfer paper end of last year and it was really time to try it out. This past friday I stumbled on this key chain tutorial on Vlijtig blog and it was just the kick in the behind that I

I sat down to draw two cliparts as I wanted to give two little girls (sisters)
each a different key chain.
I have drawn a sweet snail and a curious tortoise,
scanned it and then printed it on the transfer paper

Next came the ironing which was a bit trying because I have a steam iron and an iron with a flat surface would've been much better. My iron has got only 2cm at the back with no steam holes in it..

a bit over exposed but when I pulled away the transfer paper a snail smiled very cutely at me:

I've made keychains for 2 little girls. Again sadly enough the photo is over exposed because it was such dark weather the camera called in the help of the flash:

Key chain caught on the job:

Now for the giveaway:
I have a snail iron on transfer up for grabs
example first top photo
If you're interested and
you'll promise to post a photo of how you've used it
you may try your luck in a draw
  1. please leave a comment on how you would use it
  2. and a way for me to contact you (no addresses please.Preferably your blog link)
I'll draw a name on Friday the 28th of January at 20:00 (GMT+1)
  1. If I draw your name I'll make it know here on the blog and contact you
  2. I'll post anywhere in the world
  3. Remember to e-mail me a photo showing how you've used it
  4. NOTE:You don't have to use it the way you thought you would. Just use it!


willow and moo said...

Mon, it's adorable. I'm not exactly sure how I'd use it, but I'm sure I could come up with something.

monART said...

Well well what a heap of luck, out of ALLLL the names I've received I drew Sara from Willow and Moo lol ;)
can you pm me your address through Craftymamas sara then I can send you a snail hopefully it doesn't reach you by snail speed ;)

-Trashy Betty- said...

OMYGOSH- these are so super cute- I am your blog partner from swap-bot! My blog is :)