Thursday, 27 January 2011

La or Le pouffe

I started crocheting the pouffe yesterday and finished the crocheting part very late in the evening while doing all my motherly duties in between.
I'm very chuffed with myself!
This morning I joined the two crocheted circles with the Cherise zpagetti with and overcast stitch. The colors of my curtains are the same so the pouffe will be for the sitting room.
I had to stop my project as I needed stuffing. I read on the maria's blog(where I bought the zpagetti from) that she stuffs them with Ikea duvets as they're cheaper than stuffing. I found that to be a very good idea. Only problem was that I'm not heading for an Ikea this week and HOW ON EARTH CAN I WAIT TO STUFF MY POUFFE.
Well, I found 3 continental pillows that I've stored away on the attic. At last I had I had a reason to use them after 8 years of storage....
It is still a bit wobbly so I have to take out the stuffing of the three and put it in one inner bag like an old duvet cover. My husband will be relieved that I actually used things take are taking up space for so long lol. I'll get a star behind my name this evening lol.
In the meantime the kids and the dog got on it and they all love it and fight over it...
Well should I now crochet 3 more?

I just love this zpagetti and closed up this pouffe with a little bow tie (knotted) so it can be opened up easy for washing.

To make your own zpagetti see this Dutch blog and a youtube movie


Marutska said...

Geweldig, de poef is mooi, ook met het roze randje!
En wat een heerlijk plekje voor je hondje!
Wel snel gedaan hoor:-)


Marutska said...

Geweldig, ook mooi met het roze randje!
En wat een heerlijk plekje voor je hondje:-)
Snel gedaan hoor trouwens!

Hoop dat mijn berichtje nu wel te voorschijn komt, tweede keer dat ik iets probeer te typen:-)


monART said...

Bedankt Maria, ik kon het gewoon niet laten om uit te proberen :) ik heb nog 3 dochtertjes dus een poef is te weinig lol het hondje had geluk ;)

willow and moo said...

Very cute!
The dog looks like she loves it. :)

monART said...

thanx you Sara, everyone loves it :) I've kept myself on a short leash with the colour with this one but the rest of the order was colourfull so can't wait to start. The question is what will I make with it lol so many options

Beth said...

Hi -- this is beth619 stopping in from SwapBot!
Oh, this is SO cute! What a fun idea! I don't crochet, but perhaps I should learn! :) My dog would love it... if he had a matching blanket, too!

monART said...

Hi Beth, thanx for your comment :) well crocheting is fun. I don't do clothes or anything comlicated. Just use colour and keep it simple then it is fun enough :)

Mimi said...

Eek! Super cute! Your dog is super cute too!!!!! xx Ichigoshortcake from Swapbot~x

Tanja said...

Oh my! I love this! My cat would definitely like it as a napping spot. Your dog is cute!

Happy swapping!

Tanja (tanchyka on swap-bot)