Monday, 17 January 2011

fabric scrap tree

I have been wanting to wrap something with fabric scraps for years now. Originally I wanted to wrap the frame of a lamp shade so I still have that one on my list to do. As my 10 year old had a party coming up I swatted the two flies in one go. My husband sawed some thin branches into 20cm parts. I had some wire left which I used for making jewelry so I bended some roots, wrapped the wire around the "tree trunk" and made some Baobab type of branches at the top. I was wondering how I should made the branches and then finally ended it in little creative curls. I wrapped the tree with scraps of fabric and for the girls at the party I had a heap of torn fabric and did the "wiring" beforehand for them. During Christmas I picked up a piece of jewelry from one of my daughters and clipped it onto the little branch. Well, that gave me an idea and asked the owner to bring me some more! So the little scrap Baobab ended up being an artistic Christmas tree:

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