Tuesday, 18 January 2011

things to do

Sooner than later:

  1. I have to make a better bedding for our maltese called Zizi. **DONE**
I've stumbled on the following on READYMADE blog and just love the idea
but will have to see what I do with her situation :)

2. I have to make two draft snakes/pillows
3. Finish the pillow cover I'm knitting
4. Finish the poncho I'm crocheting
5. Finish the pinafore I'm crocheting
6. Make 2 gifts for two little girls - want to try out the keychains I saw at Vlijtig blog. I have the iron transfer paper for some time now and the clipart I'm drawing/doodling so that would make and awesome combo with my farbenmix ribbon I can't wait to use! ***DONE***

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