Thursday, 24 July 2008

Sewing update

Last week it was raining cats and dogs outside, inside the cats teamed up with (or against) the dog.
The dog thought..." if you can't win them let them join or else get out of your own basket in shame". I think the the black and white bouncer with his expensive coat is using some version of sign language to tell that there is space for no one else... The little ratty catty is trying to stay unrecognisable regardless of the paparazzi catching them in a very intimate setting.

This week the weather looks better and I odly enough I need now to finish the kitchen curtains to keep the midday sun out otherwise it gets too hot.

I've used Dutch Folk print fabric and made it retro with red fabric with white dots.

I struggled with getting everything to align (it is my second try at making curtains in my life), so took a time out and made a silly but very friendly girl. She agreed to pose at a little niche in my kitchen:

I was actually cutting a couple of dotee's and then thought if I add legs and arms it would be a dolly dotee ;-) I've made the limbs so long as little kids just love clutchable softies....only catch is....I'm keeping her! Though I made her very child friendly


Violet said...

hehe love your cats Mon. Looking forward to seeing your curtains finished..great fabrics you have used. :-) Cute doll too!!
Is your house full of colour inside? I am picturing it as very very colourful. :-)


monART said...

Vi I'll have to take a photo ;-) of the curtains. Funny thing is in this new house: it is a very white house inside and outside (the previous owner was had a painting company and newly painted it before selling it). I've kept the kitchen white but then added these dotted things everywhere and a splash of red. The rest of the house is still white. My moto always was: why use white when you can use color ;-) I'll keep you updated when I move around with my colours ;-)

Crafty Mama said...

Mon, can I come live at your house? It just seems so colourful, fun and snuggly!!!

Love the kitty and dog pic!!

monART said...

hie-hie CraftyMama, if you bring your ironing arm with you you are more than welcome ;-)

Claire said...

Mon, I just ADORE this spotty doll - she is devine!
I'm with Craftymama - I want to live in your house - it is just beautiful!