Monday, 28 July 2008

I just love my kitchen

By now you've gathered we've moved and oh it was so worth it. I'll be showing some views in and around the house. The house was bombed in WWII and rebuild in the 1950's. It has 4 levels and the 2 lower levels were used for straberry storage. The area we live in is known for its cherry, pears, prunes and apple orchards and strawberry field. It is a house situated on a dyke and the property is between a church (1700's) an old school (occupied by a beautifull artist couple) and a "tree farmer"(can somebody give me the right term?) . The house overlooks a watery landscape, sort of overflow (haven to lot of birds) of one of The Netherlands' trade rivers. As the house was added to over the years it has a lot of character and special corners.

This is part of my Oilily/Douw Egberts crockery

The spot where I'm writing my blog

When I leave my kitchen...


Jeroen said...

euroglot geeft het volgende:
boomkweker -> tree-nurseryman

heb ik ook weer wat geleerd ;-)

leuke foto's btw

Sara said...

So pretty!