Saturday, 19 January 2008

a saga unfolds

This morning "The stylist" was already undressing miss Mouse which is now called by her artist's name: Bella. It seems the stylist is in an ethical conflict as she dressed her favourite star (Annabel which is a new born poodle) with the clothes. I'm sure Bella will make a come back. She has such character despite where she comes from. I guess she discerns that it is showbiz and that Annabel is too young and oblivious of these things. The mamarazzi was able to capture an unflattering photo of Annabel after another night of partying her worries away. It seems she has entered the limelights too soon and without adequate advice. Late nights and unbalanced eating have taken its toll on Annabel's skin. After intensive talks and agreements a deal was cut and Annabel's photo was published after it was photo shopped.

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