Friday, 21 November 2008

aaa cute

at last made this fellow:

acute from melly and me patterns ordered at crafty mamas

First I had to search for fabrics in my stash without too much pink as this tryout had to be for dd8 which loves blue and green and NO PINK. So after cutting the pattern I sew the hands and antennae. It was time to turn things inside out and man what a job. I was quite fed-up with the fiddling and as I don't really have Sewing Patience I chucked all the pattern pieces in the rubbish bin! But.....I couldn't let this situation turn into something acute so made a cuppa and enlarged the patter 107% on my printer! Now that was a bit more of a workable size lol. While working on Acute neighbours with children dropped in and other school kids came to play and acute's body parts ended up being made fun of but everybody liked his face. It took two days to actually get the courage and time (I'm nursing a 8 week old baby!) to sew him together. He turned out being 50cm tall measured without the antennae ;-) I don't think I'll try him again, the fingers and the antennae were too much for me lol....I should've given him webbed hands come to think of it.

I also tried out the yo-yo makers from Clover I got in the post: large heart and large flower which wasn't that large at all. I would've then like jumbo size lol:

I made them in baby blue fabric with white spots...should get agwai from the pink I guess. I don't know what it is with the pink and me. I was a blue girl as a child and then turned black for almost 20 years. I guess it is dd6 with her princess girly vibes extracting the little girl in me. I never played with dolls and I was always black and blue playing with the boys outside on the farm.

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