Saturday, 22 November 2008

What a day!

It started out with snow (our first and what a supprise)
and then dh came to tell that somebody drove of the dyke. Slipped, would be a better choice of words as I don't think somebody intentionally would drive off the dyke. Especially when the car ended up coliding into one of the Zimbabwean statues of the neighbours, smashed it and... the driver was a lady!

We live near to a bend in the dyke and it is the 2nd car slipping since we live here (6 months). We took photo's and maybe you can see the sun had to make way for another snow "storm" coming. The lady making the accident phoned her boyfriend and he and his colleagues came to get the car. They work for a potatoe farming company 1km from us. We also poned to warn our neighbour as it seemed he wasn't aware of what was going on outside in his "garden". (The statue nearest to you is where our property begins, we took the photo out of our window on the first level)

Then dh had to leave and try and get some clothes for a birtday dinner tonight. He left and I tried with the girls to get their snow stuff. Things were still in boxes and they left with dd8 wearing MY rain boots and dd6 wearing my gloves and they both had hats that were one size to small...! The neighbour's 2 sons came to play and had some fun sliding down the dyke.

Then in they came telling there is a raven that couldn't fly. I was still in my pyjama's so got some pants and a jearsey and chucked dd out of my rainboots. Indeed, the raven came where they were playing?? And didn't fly away though looking verrry alert and healthy. I picked it up. Yes....he really did his best to treat me as carrion but I knew with that terrrible beak he couldn't reach below his cheeks lol and behind his ears so I came out without a scratch on my bare hands and that bird was cursing high and low. Terrible sound. Have you seen "the crow"? You know all those movies? Luckily the sun was shining lol... we live next to a grave yard and our town is called "warden of the death" (direct translation*) ok ok I have an enormous sense of drama and imagination.

I had to manage 4 excited kids (age 6-8), one baby that decided it was time to be heard (loudly), 1 little histerical dog barking at the top of her voice and the crow that was telling me unsensored what he was thinking about the situation while he was trying to get away as well.

Ok the kids ended up with their wet snow clothes calming the baby and the crow was bucketed and my tray was used as a lid. I phoned the animal rescue: one hand on the lid and one hand for the phone (didn't need my legs lol). I noticed that I had the animal rescue's number in my phone. We're here 6 months and already had the number regarding a lost cat and a dead one (run over infront of our house).

The bin was a bit small so I got a (clean) plastic rubbish bin (how appropriate) with a lid wich didn't fit well. I couldn't use my hands this time as the villain crow was ready for me and I couldn't supprise him from behind so I chucked the bucket and him into the bin.

While waiting for the animal rescue I made myself presentable, vacuumed, tidied the kitchen, put the dirty dishes into the dishwasher, breast fed the baby, organised the kids and checked on the crow (who cursed every time I did!)
Only a mother would do these things.....

The animal rescue arrived and came to the same conclusion as I did:
the bird wasn't hurt as far as one could see, only a crooked nail but no blood.
What a day! and it all happened before 12....

The girls had to go to Sinterklaas entering our town at 13:30 (and still looked like runnaways) and I had to run errands and then get all girls 3 and me! pressentable for tonight's dinner.


Sara said...

Wow, what a crazy day!

Michaela said...

wat een avonturen..
wel leuk dat als er sneeuw ligt je gewoon van de dijk kan glijden op een vuilniszak :)

Crafty Mama said...

Mon, you are truly a Super Mama. LOL, what a day!!