Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Watch out: Gorgeous Model!

and....this is how she pays her boarding and lodging by showing my creations ;-)
I've crocheted a scarf using 2 types of pink and a raspberry crocheting yarn (cotton mix called Paris).
I've added the basic granny square and my favourite daisy squares at the end of the scarf.
I've also tried my hand at making a bib! My first using this tutorial, it is a bit too small (maybe I've printed it too small?) Well it is good for my confidence so I'll make more. I HAVE to make more as this girl eats carrots!

you can see the dutch print pillow I've made for my kitchen chair. I've promised you a photo and you'll have to do with this one ;-)


Michaela said...

haha wat geweldig!
ze is mooooi!

Sara said...

Yes, yes, definitely everything is gorgeous. When I look at your beautiful creations, it always brightens my day!!!