Thursday, 26 February 2009

New baby on board

I've resolutely told my husband this was our third and last baby....
so as he can't have babies himself he went and
took another mother's baby and brought her home.
I couldn't refuse:

Her name is Cinder untill we can find a very suitable name.
We actually want an eay to pronounce Afrikaans name.
Defenition of cinder according to
burned or partly burned substance, such as coal,
that is not reduced to ashes but is incapable of further combustion.
A partly charred substance that can burn further but without flame.
I thought it fitted her looks.
Cinder is a Boerboel pup. Boerboels are the South African Mastiff. I grew up with these dogs on the farms. They're guard dogs as well as family friends and are very sensitive. Read more about boerboels at wikipedia.
So at the moment I'm changing nappies and newspapers!
(My baby is 3 months older but they're born in the same year)

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Michaela said...

ow die is lieieief!!! nu ga ik toch maar eens een harder ik-wil-een-hondje-offensief doen bij manlief!