Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Don't do this at home

My little girl was invited to a party. Normally I make the gifts myself. This time I wasn't in the mood for painting so decided to sew something. As always I started too late, had to many bright ideas and have to be very creative to cover my tracks; I'm not a veteran in all!
Yesterday evening at 22:00.... I designed a dog and made it. Design in my point of view is just a snazzy term for I was to hardheaded and lazy to use somebody else's pattern. I tend to invent the wheel all over again. I must be a snob. I went to bed completely dissatisfied with the end result and decided to BUY a gift for the girl.

Then this mornings I was all fit and bubbly with new ideas.... 2.5 hours later while making a lot of frustrative noises I wrapped the self made gift with my daughter. EVerything was finished JIT!!

I covered the dog's belly with crocheted flowers and made him a collar with the girl's name and beads I had. I added some more flowers to make it convincing that the flowers were part of the design. The girl was turning 5 so I thought maybe the dog is for a baby so I made a dress. First I thought to make the dog a dress too so that there will be some kind of connection between the dog and the dress. Didn't have enough I sewed crocheted flowers onto the dress. That made the dress less simple. Well.... there is enought glitter to distract the attention ;-)

The dress has a long body and fits under the arms. (not shown completely on this photo)

My youngest daughter said the dress looked a bit funny...
the oldest daughter asked if the dog was a deer...


Beth said...

I'm still laughing about this! I like your dogdeer very much!

monART said...

hihihi yes...the dear dog grin