Monday, 30 July 2007

mealies and dots

This past weekend was b-day time for one of the girls.
It was quite dotty:

The b-day girl got the flamenco shoes and the dress to match. Her day was made! (parents happy....)

We went to a play farm called maisdoolhof. Lots of mealies.

mea·lie also mie·lie (mē'lē) n. South African.
An ear of corn.
mealies Corn; maize.
[Afrikaans mielie, ultimately from Latin milium, millet (perhaps via Portuguese milho).]

I mostly enjoyed that the kids were having fun and I was in awe with the clouds:

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Michaela said...

hey hoi! wat een superschoenen! Hoe is het daarzo? Ik ben benieuwd!
Wij hadden een supervakantie met allemaal woeste bergen en lieflijke alpenveldjes..
liefs Mich